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Oh no!

My cat has been vamped!

 photo vamp_zpswdvyhuxa.jpg

It explains a lot.

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Are you safe???


This picture is very strange and does not look like Tegan.

I hope so! But it explains all the drawing of blood and the night time activity!

You never saw her in a grump. Or maybe you did, she's always in grump.

Oh dear; I think you may already have gone... Any urge to murder people??

I've only seen her look like your icon: cat-like and worried. This pic is satanic.

Now you mention it...

She has three expressions: kitteny cutie, 'you are a idiot' and grump.

Yes, that wasn't a very diagnostic question - hmm...

Don't let the Tumblr cat people hear you say that; it'll almost be like your cat isn't a person!

Especially as I already avoid the sun.

Oh no, I couldn't have that.

And dress like you belong in the Sunset Club, or whatever it was called.

I suppose not.

I am listening to good Abba on YouTube, but the autoplay keeps trying to make me listen to shit Abba. :(

Maybe I should just embrace the night or whatever.

Sounds like you need to create a playlist.

It might be easier, especially if Tegan's onside.

But that would mean making an actual Google identity! I don't trust them not to farm me. (But I could use my favourite from my old android phone, thisisallwank@etc. But even then I'm not happy with Google knowing it. They should quest after me forever thwarted.)

Edited at 2015-05-20 09:23 pm (UTC)

I was made an account without being asked. They probably already have you.

Don't they have you from Google docs etc?

I log in with my Yahoo account on Google docs, because I joined back in the day they still let you... I think that was turned into a gmail account which is in my Yahoo name, but I always log in and out again, so they don't know what I do on YouTube! Unless they track me via cookies and then upload the cookies when I log in, but I think that should be somehow illegal... But then they did seem to magically know my other accounts when I created thisisallwank and tried to make my Yahoo as a back-up by emailing me unsolicitedly. I told the email to fuck off by clicking that it wasn't me and put it in the bin, but being as they are Google they probably assumed the knew better than me and kept it on file anyway.

I hope that's not a trend... "wibbles"

Never fear, it's only milk.

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