Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Six Things Meme

RIP Steve Strange.

Now some nonsense:

curiouswombat gave me the letter G for the six things meme:

Something I hate: Green Tomatoes! Well, all tomatoes really. And most greens.

Something I love: Goldfrapp. I was just listening to them today and realising the song 'Twist' is even more dirty than I thought. Plus Alison Goldfrapp is an alum of my uni (a little ahead of me though)

Somewhere I've been: Germany was just a day trip, so I will say Glastonbury! Both the festival and the town. The Somerset levels are one of my favourite places, when they aren't underwater that is.

Somewhere I'd like to go: There's nowhere beginning with G I have a great hankering to see. The Great Barrier Reef? That has to be better than Glasgow.

Someone I know: gillo is the only G I can think of currently.

A film I liked: G... G.. Gattica? Nah. Ghostbusters! Of course.

If you want a letter, just ask.
Tags: meme, rest in peace

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