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Buffy Chit Chat

Eps 1x01 to 1x03

Hello Bogwitch!

I am sorry I have been angry. Here is our chat.

Shall we synchronise plays to 10 past?

I have a spooky highschool.

I iam very scared because it's the 90s and every horror film is about stupid high school kids breaking into things.

Oh no, Darla is evil!!

Oh, Buffy's dreams!! I miss them.
Also, what are the zombie like people? Is this the harvest? Do we ever see that.

Joyce sounds so perky.

There was no fear of perms in the 90s before the tyranny of straighteners.

People in these things dress like no one ever.

Willow is such a fucking tagalong.

"All students here are free to call me Bob. ... But they don't."

That does still amuse me.

Any other school... too right. They need to keep the numbers up!

I do find it weird how everyone knows that everyone dies and yet does nothing actually useful.

Xander is soooo smooooth

In those trousers, Cordelia has no firm ground to sneer from

Well her Dad probably bought them so in the rules of the patriarchy that makes them better.

II always feel like people forget that Aphrodisia's friend is a person of colour. THe only one at Sunnydale high!

I do think that if Jesse spoke that way to Cordelia every bloody day that she has a right to be a cow to him.

I also just like Cordelia generally. OK, she's mean, but learn to snark back, people!