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The Bogwitch Creative Review of 2014

Happy New Year!

This will be even shorter than last year.




None (sort of – there were lots of banners and things for sb_fag_ends, but nothing proper).

My creative 2014 was really in learning lots of new card making techniques and a little bit of jewellery-making, rather than words; even if I did write a little original stuff for myself to keep my hand in.

I really must finish that epic WIP… And post more than just sb_fag_ends prompts.

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Don't discount the Fag Ends banners - and the advent calendar wallpaper!!

I did a little bit on the Secret Project the other day - and remembered that it's all quite labour intensive as far as writing goes. But it was fun; just clearly something to do when the mind is whirring rather than when I am in a slump of inaction and bad eating habits!

Yeah, I feel like I have been creative, but my website hasn't had an update for a year. :(

Let me know if you need any help. I did get the stuff out for Working then procrastinated by looking up car insurance.

See my Links in the top left of this page. :)

(to mysefl) duh, if all else fails, read the instructions - that is the page in front of me.

like the blue wonder of your home page. i read the coffee nirvana and though i don't follow any of the originals, being a coffee/chocolate drinker i fell right into the lusting after the perfect cup.

My life seems to be an endless quest to get people to follow instructions, but they never do, even if it's all in caps, multi-underlined and in red. I wouldn't worry about it.

Coffee Nirvana is a highly subjective state. :)

I agree - indeed don't discount banners and wallpaper.

and I'm laughing (with a belly like a bowl full of jelly) at the perfect description of me "...something to do when the mind is whirring rather than when I am in a slump of inaction and bad eating habits..." mostly i'm the latter (she says with the last piece of christmas chocolate in her mouth at 11:50pm).

Hahaha - oh, it's the eating that destroys you!!! Although also that I've got to go into work today, went to bed well after 11:50 and got up at 7 into the dark. I just wish I could get addicted to productivity in the same way as doing sod all...

I am very good at sod all. I had such plans for my two weeks off and now I see I have done very little.

i'm starting to think that we should accept that 'sod' - if i understand the word correctly - is something that needs to be done sometimes also. in other words - doing nothing is sometimes just as important as getting something done.

People keep telling me that as well, but it doesn't get my writing done.

I certainly appreciated the results of the new card making techniques - the one you sent us is beautiful.

Thanks. I can't remember which one I sent though. It must have been flattish, was it a snowflake?

Yes - a snowflake on a blue card.

Happy, happy birthday.

I leave sprinkles of bright colored glitter on your altar.

Thank you! Glitter is a very acceptable offering.

Running to say I hooe you had/are having a lovely day! Happy Birthday!!

Thank you! I spent a lot of it in bed.

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