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Surely German must have a spare word for when you start cooking and realise you don't have an onion (and have to go to the shop where they only sell them in threes because you can't be arsed to go to a bigger supermarket for one item and you'll never get through all of those on your own)?

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(Deleted comment)

It's a bugger, for sure.

It's a bit of first world problem, but very vexing!

Chop/slice the extra onions and freeze them. That's what I do.


Liking this idea. Especially as the shop didn't even have threes, but eights!

Yes, raw, although I guess you could pre-cook them. I never have though. Just make sure you double bag them because they can leave an odor in your freezer. :-) But I've found this a great way to have onions on hand for cooking since I don't cook that much and don't use a lot of onions otherwise.

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But onions are so handy! Next time you realise you have no vegetables to go with anything, just fry some up with some peppers and tomatoes and... Oh wait.


They are handy, but I only cook properly about once a week! Plus I had to buy a packet of eight little ones, I used two, but that still six to use up.

Looking upthread, I have also done the chopping and freezing thing. It worked fine, but they don't half produce a lot of water when you then use them, and I've never managed to get them properly fried - just used them in pasta things.

Otherwise, clearly onion soup is in your future! Or you could just back them to go with anything. Baked onions are tasty. (So, I never buy onions, because I have exactly this issue, but I love them!)

You have now killed my enthusiasm.

This is why I grow scallions in the yard. :)

Nice solution, but hard to do when you don't live on the ground floor!

If any language would have a word for such a thing, it would be German. Although it would likely be a good 30-40 letters long.

It's between German and Welsh.

I know not a word for it, but then I buy pre-chopped and frozen onions from the supermarket. I do this for two reasons: 1. I too am an infrequent home cook so any fresh onions I buy would probably sprout new plants before I could use them all, and--the more important reason to me--2. cutting up onions makes my eyes burn and water and my nose run something fierce so I loathe doing it. They taste perfectly fine once they're cooked up into a dish. I used some to make my yummy beans, tomatoes and rice just last night. P:

I try to keep fresh as I haven't been a fan of frozen veg in the past. I'm not sure if we get frozen onions (that aren't onion rings). I will have to look.

(Deleted comment)
Hee\! Dudelsack is a great word for bagpipes!

Well, they do keep pretty well. :boggled at the idea of having too many onions:

It's not so boggling when you only cook once a fortnight.

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