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Where does the time go?

I've had a four day weekend with very few committments and yet all I have managed to do is go shopping on Friday (bought noting of note), take the cat to the vets (she's fine) and clear out my cutlery drawer (I now have very few forks).

I have nothing to show for my time!

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On the contrary, you have a recently reassured cat and a clean cutlery drawer!

I went shopping on Saturday and bought a novel (now a read lump of paper taking up space) and several expensive face creamy things. Then I went to see expensive house on Sunday and my brother was in town so we had expensive steak. I am feeling quite poor.

Okay, not much for my time. Certainly nothing of the grand plans I had.

At least a novel can prop up wonky furniture. I bought some Hotel Chocolat chocs, they made me poor. I actually went round Watford to have a look to see what was different (not a lot, but enough).

(And here I thought you were ignoring me - good thing I checked your page!!!) It is possible you have not constructed the next great wonder of our time, but you've got to set the bar low on weekends, otherwise it's just depressing when you/I do absolutely nothing.

I suppose that's true, but the novel's chunky enough that it would have to be pretty wonky furniture. Stupid Hotel Chocolat chocolate (they haven't had any good flavours for ages, as far as I'm concerned, and I always want novelty!). The Harlequin had gone to the dogs the last time I was in Watford... And Nando's is so ubiquitous I don't have much interest in going all the way down the high street for it. Where I suppose there might not be even be a Laura Ashley anymore...

The great wonder of our time will have to wait until next week.

I haven't been in HC for a while so novelty was had with cider truffles and amaretto marzipan! I remember the Harlequin as being of no interest to me as well and I suppose it still isn't, the Hemel New Look is a lot better, but it wasn't as bad as I remembered. I don't really buy what you get in high streets these days, so going into any town centre/shopping centre is quite rare for me, especially now Wilkinsons has stopped doing the cheap shower gel I liked,

I've never been in a Nandos and Laura Ashley is too frilly for my taste. I went in Banana Tree to try it out, it was okay but the cutlery was cheapest of the cheap. Which reminds me, I was going to Dunelms for forks...

That's what they all say.

Amaretto marzipan sounds nice. I'm always mildly uninterested by cidery things; I'm not sure why. I'm not entirely sure why you would go into the high street either - if I go to the shops at all I usually know exactly what I want, so it's more of a pick-up job than a browse. Even my most recent shopping trips to London have been far less successful than the internet.

I never cared for Laura Ashley either; it's mainly all I can remember from down the high street. Haven't heard of Banana Tree... It looks interesting! (Apart from maybe the cutlery; although shouldn't that have been chopsticks?) I mean, what else can you do with the auspicious list of locations: on the one hand Angel, Maida Vale, Soho, West Hampstead; on the other Bayswater, Clapham, Milton Keynes and Watford...

Don't go mad on these forks, now.

I now have a nice new cutlery set as you can't have new forks without new knives. I was going to buy some extra forks, but guess which cutlery item they didn't have in the right style?

Amaretto marzipan was yum. The cider ones were nice, but a bit odd. Less cider than apple liqueur.

I haven't been to London in so long except for the O2. All the shops I liked shut. Oh Bewick Street, you were once so much record shop fun.

I had some fried Mango chicken thing in Banana Tree, which was very nice. I don't think it's as classy as Wagamama's. I think the whole nature of Wagamama's requires a certain level of sophistication. Which is probably why Hemel doesn't have one!

(Sorry, I should have also mentioned that I've also started playing the horrendous Hearthstone - a WoW-based card game thing...) But hooray for cutlery! Boo on the extra forks. >:(

You see, I'm just not sure about apple liqueur...

I'm not sure why I go. I like wandering around the city, but there's not much to see apart from the giant Topshop. I'm sure there are parts to rediscover somewhere. We should find them for the thing!

I have to say I don't think I've heard anyone call Wagamama's sophisticated since about 2005! But that may just be because my impressions are coloured by Cambridge, where all chain/franchise restaurants come to die a death of absolute awfulness. I used to be convinced that Yo! Sushi was relatively chic, but the Cambridge one is enough to convince me it's basically worse than McDonalds.

(I have an urge to start on the Sims again. Stop me.) At least I have some forks.

Apple liqueur, yum, yum, but with chocolate? I get the reluctance, but they were nice.

I still need to go and look for the dragons.

I never said Wagamama was sophisticated, just that the normal burger eating man on the street might eschew it in favour of more familiar flavours.

I had a 5 day weekend, too - and achieved something similar in amount...

I did get a free meal at a barbecue which vaguely had something to do with to my niece's wedding in mid-September.

I nearly started doing the art for the Writercon pens, but I didn't. (I have some unusual bags!)

I have nothing to show for my time!

You have peace of mind re: cat. Urge vet to start selling T-shirts. "I got my cat inspected at Blah Veterinarian Clinic and All I Got Was This Tick-Free Tshirt. AND PEACE OF MIND."

And a smaller bank balance.

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