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5th Nov

Oooh it's just like Bagdad, but with pretty colours and more sparklies!

I'm lying on the bed watching the fireworks, damn their sinister attraction! I can even see a bonfire.
This year it's quite intense, vey much like the Loi Kathong festival in Thailand where I thought we were going to be burnt to death, there were so many.

Random thought:
Fireworks look wierd from a plane.

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I had a moment of confusion until I looked at the calendar and remembered... duh, it's Guy Fawkes Day!

Night! No good in the day!

There's no forgetting what day it is here.

Sigh, I miss Bonfire Night.. whine whine whine...

It really has gone beyond whoosh pzzzt! into the realms of fucking hell, was that a bomb? Some are making the windows shake!

Still love it all though.

Sounds like my being in Dehli during Diwali - like being under bombardment.

Yeah, just like that. 5 days of constant barrage on a terrifying scale. I dread to think how many people are injured there.

It's funny how all these disparate cultures have similar autumn festivals. People do really think alike.

You should have seen the bloke amble up to the stuck catherine wheel and start it rotating again. Years of Blue Peter firework code in me was screaming.

It was still sparking I take it?

Years of Blue Peter firework code in me was screaming
Lol. Yet somehow we still manage to ignore it - I've lit about 10 in a bucket together once. They've been letting them off horizontally here.

My dad's boss in Norwich got one through his rear windscreen. Don't think he was in it at the time though.

Oh yep, still firing away merrily.
An Aussie mate of mine got one of those fountain fireworks, put it on the top of his fedora, lit it and supped away on his beer. Way cool, in a hot and sparky sort of way.
Though this was in a country where you can freely buy dynamite and the really dangerous fireworks. Both of which are great fun. Though not for the trees and giant cacti we blew up, I suppose.

Aussies are made of different stuff.

Operation Shock and Awe the local park ;-)

Some very nice displays this year.

Yeah and most of them out of my back window (I look over a small park and people have come to do their own displays all week. there's someone out there now.

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