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My Random Post

Some random things:

  • I have given in and accepted I need glasses. More worrying was that I needed them for distance and reading. Pooh. But the plus side is that maybe I can read books again!

  • I nearly went on holiday. Not in a Withnail and I way thogh.

  • I got rid of most of my debt! No more credit card albatross.

  • Best news of the day: new album by Goat due in the autumn. Squee! Goat where the pychedelic sound of my 2013 summer.

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The glasses can be a bit of a nuisance - but being able to read a book again is a really big bonus...

I used to wear them until I was 15, but I've spent the last 25 years pretending I don't need them. Um.

I was much the same. And when I went to the optician, in my 40s, he said "Ha! You got away from us for nearly 30 years - but you won't get away again!"

I can't read anything without glasses now - and when using the computer. I am ok for driving because my distance vision is alright, which is a slight consolation.

One plus is that my prescription is pretty much standard magnification (the +1.5 cheapie reading glasses used to work just as well although I think I'm moving to a 2.0) so I have my prescription glasses in my bag and cheap reading glasses in every room of the house!

I can read large print and the computer (just). I have a lazy eye though and its caught me out for the distance as well. The good news though is that my squint has pretty much gone!

Getting credit card debt gone is definitely a great thing!

It's certainly a huge weight off my mind. They never sent me any statements, so I never really knew how much it was growing because I was too lazy to look at my online account. Lesson learned there.

You could always go for lenses??? /Lenses and reading glasses. :/

I've started reading Moby Dick. It's actually hilarious!

Hurray for the the death of debt.

No no no I would freak with contacts, I have enough trouble with eye drops.

Moby Dick is probably a bit challenging for my lack of book match fitness. I am going to attempt a history of post punk.

I might have let my new found lack of debt go to my head a bit. I have spent a lot of money in that last month. But I did get a set of rainbow drawers to show for it.

Fair enough... You need some giant hipster frames! That would be great.

History of post punk sounds fun. I decided I would try finding Moby Dick online so I could read it like fic, which I can get through reams and reams of, rather than going through the faff of getting a book from the shop. It worked very well for half an hour yesterday (with the text here: which has weird tags at the bottom of each chapter but otherwise is fine); since the old glasses mean I can't read lying down (it's all long distance, but so bad that the distance is quite short) being able to sit in my comfy computer chair is nice.

Well, I suppose you'll never need another set of rainbow drawers now! What are you going to put in them???

And how are the kitchens/bathrooms??? I am looking at flats at the moment; some of them are really terribly designed - in terms of space, even, rather than décor. This seems to be the curse of the noughties: everyone worked out how to make a place look attractive, but forgot that people might want to actually live there. I bet your place is going to look amazing after the refit.

I thought so, but no they all looked <>i
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I thought so, but no they all looked <>i<hideous</i>. In order to keep the Dame Ednaness to a minimum, I had to go for small half frames. They are metallic purple though, so still cool.

I have a lot classic ebooks, but not that one, thanks to Project Gutenberg - plus they have audio books too. Which remninds me I only got to chapter 6 of Dracula because the reader was so dreadful, I must get on with it using the paperback now I can.

The rainbow drawers now contain all my over-flowing craft stuff.

I have been looking at kitchens, but I am a bit scared at spending that much! My mum and I have fallen for this <a href="">one</a>, but it is rather mega-pricey (and probably a bit flash for this place). I doubt this place will ever look amazing, but hopefully it'll lok alright. Then I'll have to make sure I keep it clean...

How can you go wrong with metallic purple?

There was some weird project on LJ a while back to post all the bits of Dracula in chronological order on the right date of the year, which I followed for a time until I got bored... I think it was aimed at people who knew the book much better than I did, so I have a very weird perspective on it. I assume the pacing is better in booktime for a start!

I'm not sure why I asked about the drawers...

But as for the kitchen - ooh, it's nice! There's no reason why you can't get a quote for your actual spec, surely? And if you've got your budget then it's not like you're spending willy nilly. They might do interest free credit or something as well, if you didn't want to see all the money vanish at once...

My mum is obsessed with kitchens and other interior design business, as you may remember, so I feel I should have some advice. But I don't. Um, you want your sink, oven and fridge to be in a triangle around the room, because apparently that's the least annoying way of having things arranged when you're going back and forth for stuff?

You can with metallic green though.

I never saw that. I was quite enjoying it until the American reader attempted to do the phonetic Yorkshire accent bits and made a horrific mess of it. Stopped me dead it did.

The drawers are pretty though:

I'm not sure how to compare things really, but when I was looking at it last week before the 50% sale started, it was about £1,000 a cupboard and I was thinking more like 50 quid. I'm certainly not going to buy a kitchen not in a Sale. There is a thought that I might try to get something off Ebay second hand.

The triangle idea is great, but I'm not sure I'd have that much choice given the location of the gas pipe and the plumbing. Having said that, they are in a sort of triangle anyway. My main must have is a waste disposal. I badly want one of those. And a bottle rack.

That is very true. I think I avoid metallic colours generally. Or I dunno... I seem to be on a pastels kick anyway.

And that sounds quite horrendous. Stick with text! Glorious, glorious text...

The drawers are very nice, but their rainbow is upside down; I trust you have amended this oversight???? You can't have an upside down rainbow! But, yes, they are a lot nicer than part of me was imagining, which was some old chest of drawers from eBay that the 90s got hold of and painted wavy rainbows on with stencilling etc.

It seems quite a lot to me as well... But I don't really know what these things cost. Is there a way of just buying the doors, maybe? They're probably mega crap, but B&Q has lots of basic units for under thirty quid (without doors). The thing is that you'd then have to measure up and design it all yourself, which would surely be a mega faff. Given that Wickes does that for free it's probably what you're paying for.

I love the metallics, but pastels are bleugh.

The problem with text is I can't read and type up accident reports.

Like I would buy something so girly awful. But I did amend the rainbow though, it now runs blue to purple. Though I think that really is upside down now.

They have the doors on Ebay. My parents looked in B&Q for me, but they weren't impressed with the quality. We may take on the faff of the design as the space isn't that big. It depends on what I go for.

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