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Meg and Mog - Mog [new]

Copyright Infringement

Part Three of the Black Widow Photo comic has been removed by Box for 'Copyright Infringement' with no explanation of why and with no way of questioning it.

Why Part 3???????

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Possibly they haven't noticed parts 1 and 2 yet?

Weird. Is it because of Mattel or because of Marvel, do you suppose?

I have no idea. there is nothing in that part that is contentious that I can tell. even clutching at straws, the only things that could be objected to (the likeness of spike, fan fic, the doll porn) are not exclusive to part three.

How bizarre! They flagged up a couple of mp3s I had on there, which made me shut everything down, but the choice did seem quite random (I think it was a Crystal Castles track, which not the band I would think of when it came to aggressive copyright hunting). But it was a fair cop on my part... Yours just seems strange... Can't you appeal???? A woman's doll porn is her own business! And you made half the set.

MP3s I would understand, but part 3 of BW has virtually nothing beside the dolls that I didn't make. It seems so arbitrary. I can only think it might be because of the sex, but then it's pretty tame and that hardly constitutes copyright infringement. I wish they would give fuller reasons. I am perplexed,

I couldn't find a way to appeal or get more information. The way they have just deleted the file makes me suspect I wouldn't get far anyway.

I really should get this web-hosting sorted out so this isn't a problem anymore.

I have a feeling it's all done by bots like everything else, so maybe one of the photos looked too much like some promo shots for something. Or, as I wouldn't be surprised by, they just randomly troll accounts because they assume everyone has copyrighted material up somewhere and they want to act as though they're looking... The legit businesses will just ignore it and move on? (/ get the pro version).

PS. Please help me; I keep buying things on ASOS...!!!!!!!!!

My office is two buildings down from ASOS. I could pop in and get them to ban you?

I am certainly not buying the Pro version now! I need that money for my own Ebay addiction (currently rubber stamps).

...Or you could visit them with a shopping trolley like you were going to the great ASOS shop of doom!!! (Although I have no idea how you'd find your way around.) (Although, the shirt purchases this morning were sensible. ... The dress purchase this evening was obviously because I got another job rejection or something, although I didn't really want the job so if I get another one it will all have worked out perfectly. Or it might just be a sign that I'm unemployable. But look what expensive nonsense I resisted: http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-BLACK-Leather-Holographic-Flower-Mini-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3184958 !! Naturally in favour of this: http://www.asos.com//Asos/Asos-Jacquard-High-Neck-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3135343 It may or may not be hideous.)

Windows SkyDrive (or OneDrive or whatever) basically killed any need I have for Box, which was funny because my new laptop came with a load of free space. Unless I were to put all my music up there I wouldn't need it!!!

They are both hideous so you! I actually prefer the pink one, but I can really see why you like the other one. I can also see why the £150 is a bit offputting. Perhaps it will make the sale? I will kept an eye out for it if they left past security.

I haven't yet felt the need for SkyDrive. No, wait that's a lie, but I don't really want to install it on my work machine!

I think I might technically prefer the pink one as well. I'm trying to buy things that actually look good on me rather than things that are just fun to look at, although sometimes it's no fun at all... I think the pink one might well have a smart tropicana vibe, while all I get from the other one is Easter egg wrapper. But it's so leathery and shiny and multicoloured! I'll keep an eye on it, though - and they do seem to have sales every other day!

Hmm! It is pretty handy, I have to say, although there have been a few snags, mostly on account (I think) of my laptop going to sleep when I shut the lid and haven't actually told it to. For some reason it's had problems with getting all my teaching worksheets synced, and for convoluted reasons it ended up deleting a load of them, which I was very unhappy about, although thankfully not before I had used them, just when I was marking and afterwards, so if I teach the same thing again I will have to try and remember what passages I'd picked out. And today when I turned my laptop on Windows Explorer decided not to show the directory, which was a terrifying moment. But in principle it's nice!

It would impossible to lose you in a crowd! The other one looks quite sci fi in a grungy Bladerunner way.

Could you not adjust your power options?

Mwahahahahahaa... That is of course my plan. And I think the leather one might work for that as well - if you watch the catwalk video you can see that it picks up all the light that exists ever. I am not entirely sold on the shape, though; it's a bit too skater-dress for me. And I prefer my sleeves bracelet length or shorter...

I have tried everything under the sun, but it's completely unpredictable. Often it works perfectly, where it has had the lid shut for 5 minutes or an hour and a half, and then other times it just goes to sleep and won't wake up unless I push the power button, which of course shuts all the windows and makes me start again. :(

It's certainly not a wallflower's dress. Hmm the other one is very shiny, deffo more Easter eggy. It doesn't look terribly comfortable, tbh, but is that a consideration?

Yeah, my old laptop was like that, I think it was trying to assert some kind of sentience. This one seems a bit more amenable to my wishes (now I have a new battery).

Not really - it would only be worn for dinners and the like! Although that's another reason for the price to be an issue, because this is probably the first time in a year that I've really wanted a new dress, which implies it'll be quite a while before it gets worn again. So the other would just sit in my wardrobe until I've gone off it.

*shakes head* It is definitely willful. It reminds me of my iPod when it spent the first three months of our relationship crashing when I skipped too fast... I learned to skip slower and it stopped crashing. Jasper the laptop and I need to reach some sort of similar arrangement.

At least it'd be easy to sponge off any soup spills.

You whip Jasper into line and accept no nonsense!

That is true. Not that you'd spot them anyway!

I try, but then I'm completely at his mercy!! I have no leverage at all.

Indeed. People will think they are part of the pattern.

Threaten him with a penetrating Google search.

Threaten him with a penetrating Google search.

I think he's cool enough to play chicken with me on that one. I should probably eat over the keyboard more often or something. Dangle the aforementioned soup...

Oh that would do it. Particularly if it has chunks.

That is nice!! You might well do... I thought I saw that same print a couple of hours ago in a more hobo-y bag style, which I think I preferred, but I seem to have imagined it. Funnily enough, I got a Relgion handbag for Christmas (did I mention this? Somehow my dad in his completely haphazard purchasing of items managed to get me this nice grey bag - and a completely kitsch cat cushion made out of floral fabric scraps, but that present's not to be remembered... Possibly first appropriate present purchase ever!) - and it's actually a very nice bag and super comfy to cart around. I recommend!

I only saw a clutch in it. I am going to resist. I don't need another bag and the straps are too short. I don't like to actually carry bags. I need my hands free for stuff.

Ah well, there will always be another bag. Such is the magic of ASOS!

And Ebay! (So, so many bags...)

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