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Isn't that sweet of them?

Google gives you a personalised birthday doodle! I suppose everyone already knew that but it surprised me!

In less good news, guess what else has a birthday today? My WIP! Working My Way Back to You is 10!!!!!!!!

I will finish it, I will!

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Happy Birthday! I hope your day has included cake in suitable quantities.

I am so sick of cake right now. Apart from toast, it's all I've eaten.

Happy birthday! I had no idea about the doodle thing -- what was yours of?


It looked like this:

 photo google_zpscf019d6f.jpg

I assume this is because you've given Google your birthday?? Scary times!!

And many happy returns to Working too!!! Not long till it's starting secondary school now...

I think it's the Google+ account for Fag Ends, I wouldn't volunteer it if I didn't have to.

My baby is all growed up!

Belated Happy Birthday.

Google knows all, it sees all!

Thank you!

Terrifying and useful at the same time.

You will, you will, you will!

I so hope so. It's finding the time away from distractions.

I didn't know about the birthday doodle either.

Belated happy birthday to your WIP too :)

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