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Hazelnut milk

So I got carried away in the supermarket and bought some hazelnut milk.

Any ideas what I could use it for? (not keen on it straight, I pretty much forgot I don't like hazelnuts when they aren't in chocolate)

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I can do vanilla and cinnamon, but I have no idea what apple butter even is.

I hope you are not still snowed in. We never get snowed in here, fortunately.

I can't say I noticed a difference between water and milk, all I know is that the stuff I have is rough.

Um, did I mention old? I used to think 30 was old. I think it's the age you start to like woollen cardigans.

apple butter is simply apple sauce cooked a very long time (with water or cider) until the sugars basically caramelizes. we can buy it in the store, but it's not hard to make. oh so delightful.

finally we are not snowed in any more - we've had it easy compared to other parts of the country (and of course Canada - which our isolated usa loves to ignore in the news).

funny - i can't find what you wrote that prompted me to write about old - maybe it was simply my mother's birthday on my mind that crept in. according to your definition i've been old since i was 21! fine with me - i love woollen cardigans, especially the irish kind.

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