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Hazelnut milk

So I got carried away in the supermarket and bought some hazelnut milk.

Any ideas what I could use it for? (not keen on it straight, I pretty much forgot I don't like hazelnuts when they aren't in chocolate)

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Interesting. Mix it with melted chocolate for drinkable nutella?

Hmm that sounds doable.

Or just hot chocolate powder and bung it in the microwave? ... Amusingly flavoured tea? (Can't remember if you drink tea; have a feeling it's no, in which case scratch that.) Um. On cereal? In custard?

I have none of these things. No wait, I have porridge oats. That might be nice, though its a raw hazelnut taste.

The only tea I have is already amusingly flavoured (Mulled Wine, Apple). I like tea, but only with sugar so I avoid it.

You could make porridge with honey - or dried fruit! Dried cranberries are the best in porridge. And dates, I have discovered via pots they sell in the canteen (coconut+date porridge = yum).

Isn't that mulled wine/apple tea stuff about 60% sugar anyway? - Or indeed almost entirely sugar? - I think I remember it's rotting of my teeth part of the reason I stopped buying it...

Edited at 2014-01-13 12:00 am (UTC)

I have sultanas. I don't have things normal people have in their cupboards, as you know. Fish sauce, Garum Masala and cocnut powder, yes. Salt, flour spaghettios, no.

Says the full Coke drinker. Yes, it's mostly sugar, but I rarely ever drink it (I just checked the Best Before Dates. Oh dear! The MulledWine is Best Before 11/2006! The latest one is 2011. They are going into the bin forthwith!)

Just hazelnut and coconut porridge sounds nice (not sultanas, blech) - the coconut will give it some sweetness too!

And I just meant that if you don't drink tea because of the sugar, then your tea replacement is not all that effective. But clearly the only thing it replaces is the tea's space in the cupboard, so maybe that's for the best! And my problem was exactly that I didn't drink it like Coke, in moderation (or at least intended moderation), but like tea - there for me when I was feeling a bit cold... But all that sugar kind of made sore throats worse, IIRC. But that mulled wine flavour is nice.

That sounds like a recipe for disaster tomorrow's dinner.

I'm beginning to wonder why I'm even drinking coffee, because I rarely drink the lot. I think if it wasn't for the sugar and the cost and the fact it seems to make me more thirsty, I could happily live on guava juice.

I suspect I won't be buying more tea. If I have visitors, I can pinch a few bags of Tetley from work.

I keep meaning to recreate the coconut and date thing for real, but I've tried porridge on the hob before and it's been appalling (don't have a microwave). These pots use dehydrated milk, though, and a friend of mine says that's the only way he makes porridge, with a kettle and stuff... But then I always forget when we're doing Sainsbury's and I don't think the Tesco Express does milk powder. :(

I have to say, I wasn't expecting guava juice at the end of that sentence. I've never tried it... Although if I remember my Rubicon fizzy drinks the guava version was horrible. But I might be getting it confused with lychee. But I think I liked the lychee one a bit?

And I'm sure your visitors will thank you for that...

I have made bad hob porridge, but it was only bad because the oats were so rough (it's the bag I still have - erk they might be getting on a bit as well, maybe a year or so). The Oats so simple etc are okay. I gave up on doing them in the microwave though because I tended to make them explode,

I love guava juice! It's soft and not too acidic (the reason I'm not keen on apple or orange) and it doesn't matter if it gets warm. The fizzy version is awful though.

My milk just turned into glue; I don't know what went so wrong. Maybe I needed a non-stick pan? You remind me about the oats I've got, which I think I bought when we moved in two and a half years ago... They might need chucking. Oats So Simple just seem so over-engineered, ironically; it seems like a waste of money. Also they flavours never appeal.

Clearly I need to try and track some down. Although I love orange juice. By the equinox I was on Sanguinello just because it reminded me of sunshine.

sounds like you cooked too long or didn't put enough liquid in (listen to me, as if I am any expert!). I find it's terrible to get off non-stick too, which one reason I gave eating it.

They are a bit overengineered I suppose and probably way too sugary again. That's why I thought I could make up my own flavours.

I like orange juice, but I find it a little indigestible.


Well, I'm pretty loath to try again, so I will assume your hypothesis is correct and not even bother to test it!

It's not like you're missing that much.

Porridge was made and... um... er... it was okay, but I suspect that was mostly due to the Nutella I added. There is a very raw hazelnut aftertaste I could do without.

I think we can safely say you just want nutella...

Nutella milk would awesome (and sugary)

Could you give it to the cat?

Churn it and make hazelnut cheese?

oh my, i'm coming in late to the conversation, but i think the oatmeal option makes sense. i can't tell from the other posts if you all are cooking the oatmeal with the milk in or not. i always cook oatmeal with water, cooking until it's pretty thick, and then add milk afterwards. since i'm avoiding dairy for now, i've been putting almond milk on my oatmeal and been very happy. i'd think that hazelnut milk would work that way just as well - kind of like topping the oatmeal with ground nuts.

beyond the hazelnut milk - someone on livejournal talked about adding pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla to their oatmeal for the fall. i found organic pumpkin (in an aseptic pack so i can just scoop out what i need and refrigerate the rest for the next day) and put a couple teaspoons in with each 1/2 cup of oatmeal. then bananas and raisins on top afterward - topped with the almond milk (unsweetened vanilla version). i love it - even though i hate almond milk straight (but love almonds).

and on another note - you don't have to throw things out just because they're past the best by dates. smell and texture will tell you a lot. the best by dates are just for stores to keep things fresh. we waste a lot of food by not trusting our own senses. of course, you have to go by your own comfort level, but i've researched on food safety sites about this and things just aren't automatically bad for you, mostly you just loose texture and some nutrients. unless we are talking about things having gone rancid.

sorry - late night posting, rambling as usual. hope you find the perfect thing for the hazelnut milk!

oh, and here's an early Happy Birthday!!

So sorry I forgot to come back and answer this earlier!

I tried the oats with the hazelnut (cooked with the milk not water) and it was okay, but I think that was more due to the Nutella I added. Everything tastes better with Nutella. I was actually told by a nutritionist that I had to up my dairy, so I always do the oats with milk.

Pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla sound delish though pumpkin other than as a whole pumpkin is quite rare and very seasonal here. I would have to do my own scooping and I hate that job!

I actually got to try almond milk as well and it was okay, I wanted it to taste more almondy, as I love them too.

I know about the sell by dates and I agree; I used to work in a supermarket and I despaired at all the good stuff we had to throw out. But tea opened for at least 8 years was probably never going to be drunk anyway (it had gone a bit sticky and crystalline, but hadn't killed me).

I would probably never make my own pumpkin mush - for the same reason. Who can scoop with gusto - I hate it also. I get aseptic packed organic pumpkin. So far it's still available in my grocery store (I started doing this in October). If you can't get that or canned, you could just do the vanilla and cinnamon, then put apple butter on top. (oo, maybe with some almond slivers sprinkled over)

I agree that almond milk isn't as almondy as it should be - it's just that I'm reducing my dairy (aren't bodies weird - shouldn't we all need the same things?) and I HATE soy milk and other alternate milk products - they all have an awful taste or after taste to me. The almond milk seems to not interfere with the oatmeal flavor - I never drink it straight. Though I might have to if we continue to be snowbound by the crazy snow storm we got yesterday on my birthday. We are on the hill and can't leave without walking, and that's iffy also with everything a long ways away and who knows if the convenience store is even open (that's the only thing semi close). We are low on milk and I just got almond milk which lasts a long time.

I never cook my oatmeal with milk (of any kind) as the liquid - I only put the milk on afterwards. I think it changes the texture to more mushy and I like my oatmeal to stand up more than that.

(p.s. I'm not on the computer in a consistent way, so I never expect immediate replies - so no worries!)
(p.p.s. What's your definition of old? I think you aren't old until you're 90 - and even then, my mom turns 90 today and while her body does seem old on some levels, she is definitely not. She drove herself home in the snow yesterday as it was first piling up and did crazy antics to make it - AND she gets this twinkle in her eye as she tells the story of another adventure! I'm not sure I will be that kind of 90 year old, but I hope so.)

Edited at 2014-02-07 08:09 pm (UTC)

I can do vanilla and cinnamon, but I have no idea what apple butter even is.

I hope you are not still snowed in. We never get snowed in here, fortunately.

I can't say I noticed a difference between water and milk, all I know is that the stuff I have is rough.

Um, did I mention old? I used to think 30 was old. I think it's the age you start to like woollen cardigans.

apple butter is simply apple sauce cooked a very long time (with water or cider) until the sugars basically caramelizes. we can buy it in the store, but it's not hard to make. oh so delightful.

finally we are not snowed in any more - we've had it easy compared to other parts of the country (and of course Canada - which our isolated usa loves to ignore in the news).

funny - i can't find what you wrote that prompted me to write about old - maybe it was simply my mother's birthday on my mind that crept in. according to your definition i've been old since i was 21! fine with me - i love woollen cardigans, especially the irish kind.

Running in to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a good one :)

Thank you!

(Seems I missed a couple of comments on this post)

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