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Shrek - Puss

The Bogwitch Creative Review of 2013

Happy New Year!

Oh oh dear. This will be very short.


Enjoy the Silence (Spike/Buffy)
3D or Me (Spike/Buffy)


Love Came Down at Christmas (Spike/Buffy)

That's it, even though I seem to have been doing loads, it's all been sb_fag_ends banners or a billion and one sketches of magical ingredients. Plus agonising over the lack of progress with Working,

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I wrote a sum total of five things; not sure it's worth doing a run down... Let alone the quiz! :( But you have done masses for Fag Ends. I think I've definitely got to count my three increasingly less ropey Javascript doodles. Our spellbooks were great.

I did it for tradition's sake. Perhaps I should count the fag ends stuff, it would certainly pad the list out!

I'm not sure I want to go and look at what I did in 2013 - it's embarrassingly little and pathetic despite my intentions to do more stuff......

Let's resolve to do better for 2014.

Fag Ends always welcomes art. ;)

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