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God forbid you have to rely on me in an emergency...

I've just had defibrilator training. I am very disappointed you don't get to shout "CLEAR!".

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That is very disappointing!

But still no less cool you can electrocute people and get away with it!

Edited at 2013-08-21 12:59 pm (UTC)

hopefully not, because that would mean I killed them! I can give them a nasty shock though. :)

!! Do these people know what they're doing, giving you all this power??

clearly they do as in all this time they have avoided giving me first aid training, although it was thought this time that someone from the safety sept ought to sit in and at least know how the equipment works.

Seems a bit bizarre that you'll now be defib trained, but not First Aid! They should at least get you on CPR... Otherwise you'll just have to shock anyone who looks like they're a goner!

hopefully, there would be plenty of CPR trained people anyway. I could push for the training,, but my knees can're really handle all the kneeling required.

Ah - better they leave you with the zapping devices, then!

much more me. not so touchy feely..

Very disappointing indeed. Of course, this could be useful if one had a teenager one needed to get moving….

luckily I will never have that problem.

But, of course, they couldn't stop you from shouting it, yes?

I suppose, though the situation would be very dire if it was me doing it as I am not even a first aider.

My thoughts exactly. :-)

It's bad enough humming Staying Alive!

What Petzi said! When wielding the awesome power of electricity, you can shout anything you like!

Does the machine shout it for you? I'd shout it anyway...

No, but it said almost everything else!

Well - you could still shout it if you wanted to you know ;)

I suspect it would be the last thing on my mind anyway.

You don't?

Soo disappointing!

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