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In reference to this post, I was finally allowed to watch the morris dancers at the pub (at a quite unlikely posh(ish) pub too)!

I give you the Woodside Morris in all their glory:
 photo MM2_zpsdb16a5c8.jpg

Some dance I can't remember the name of:
 photo MM1_zps1f324b99.jpg

Ye Olde 'Chewing Gum on my Shoe Dance':
 photo MM3_zps06137caa.jpg

There was video too, but I'll spare you that as it has a friend asking me how to use the camera on his phone at the end of it, thus completely ruining my film.

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I sort of thought that the purpose of morris dancing was to get people to watch it?

I got the impression from a woman I used to work with that 'followed' the morris, that it was really a glorified pub crawl as the dancers get free beer!

Morris is a bit sneered at, so no one ever lets me watch.

Anything that results in free beer is not to be sneered at!

You'd think they would publicise that a bit more to get new recruits!

Hooray! I'm not that fussed about Morris dancing, though way back when I started uni I knew some people into the local Molly dancing. Lots more paint and right angles.

I can't say I am fussed exactly, it's just I want these things to exist.

Well, that's fair! And it's better than ceileidh *koff* barn dancing *koff*

There's no excuse for barn dancing,

Apart from way back when at my primary school, when the yearly barn dance had the best tuck shop. But you didn't dance.

We didn't have an actual dance, just a weekly torture session.

The worst form of torture.

(I'll stop saying 'way back when' any moment now.)


Actually some of my favourite morris dancing is this wonderfully anarchic piece filmed by my friend azalaisdep.

Very nice, they have the black faces and green man and everything!

There was some audience participation at our, but suddenly I needed to visit the bar...

I'd have been heading to the bar, right there beside you...

When I was at Stratford (the Canadian one) they were Morris dancers outside the theatre.

Edited at 2013-07-26 08:58 pm (UTC)

Yes, they were performing in the courtyard before the theatre opened.

LOL I love your tags for this post! :)

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