Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,


In reference to this post, I was finally allowed to watch the morris dancers at the pub (at a quite unlikely posh(ish) pub too)!

I give you the Woodside Morris in all their glory:
 photo MM2_zpsdb16a5c8.jpg

Some dance I can't remember the name of:
 photo MM1_zps1f324b99.jpg

Ye Olde 'Chewing Gum on my Shoe Dance':
 photo MM3_zps06137caa.jpg

There was video too, but I'll spare you that as it has a friend asking me how to use the camera on his phone at the end of it, thus completely ruining my film.
Tags: a sign of the apocalypse, boggy has left the house!, picspam, things i should care more about, unlikely i know

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