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(no subject)

cream, cream
yummy, yum
why the conflict with my tum?

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Blimey, that must be some cream to make you write poetry... Did you leave it open in the fridge too long?

it was some cream! but it wasn't my cream, it was this gigantic iced latte thing from the pub.. it was way too rich for me and made my tummy hurt. it was nice though.

I love iced lattes... It sounds like the pain was worth it!

It was after they put in a second shot of hazelnut syrup in! (it was the syrup that lured me in). I have to remember I just can't have this things though.

Oooh... It is very hard to resist hazlenut syrup.

bad kitty, cream is only good for kittens, no wonder your tummy hurt.

but really, it's oh so hard to pass up things that taste so good. i've started to try and have half of what i can't turn down. so far it works pretty well and my stomach is happier.

But it looked so Mmmmmmmmm!

I need to be a bit more picky, for many reasons!

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