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My 2p

Put it away David. Please.

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(Deleted comment)
And he's trying so hard. Hee.

Mmm, not a pretty sight!

I nearly choked on my toast, I did.

You know, I've just been reminded of the E! News Live segment from the Angel set that ran a few weeks ago.

Perhaps it was my imagination, but it seemed like DB was doing everything he could (without seeming hostile) to draw attention away from JM. He seemed *very* "attention-craving-kid-brother-ish."

However, at one point, the interviewer asked James about his nude scenes (obviously, the nude scenes in Hellbound), and James made some "aw shucks" comment. Suddenly David was all "I did one too!" and pointed out the sofa (they were on the office set).

The impression I got was David was feeling a bit left out that everybody is interested in James' nude scenes, but nobody thought to ask whether he'd done any.

Poor David...

Hee. I also think an awful lot of the attention was on James too. Even Amy Acker was all over him. DB is probably thinking "but I'm the star!"

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