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Meg and Mog - Mog [new]

I'm bored enough for a meme

Comment on this post with the word THUNDERCATS (don't ask me why it’s that) and I will choose six interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean/why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

arabian picked for me:

1. Astronomy: One of things my dad and I have in common is a long line of random obsessive interests, I've had various fannish obsessions and a fascination with stone circles, he's had stone painting, kite-making and astronomy (amongst other things), thus I spent a large lump of my childhood looking through telescopes and lying in the back garden in sleeping bags watching meteor showers. I loved it. I would have loved to have been an astronomer, but I was never going to be good enough at maths. It still fascinates me though and if there's a documentary on about the big bang or coronal mass ejections, I'm probably watching it.

2. Cats: I've been surrounded by cats all my life. There is one trying to get my attention right now... I’m not sure what I can say about them though. I do like their sense of independence and the way they look at you as if they think you are a complete idiot. Because they are probably right.

3. Depeche Mode: I have 27 years of loyal service, I can’t say that for anyone else! The new album was a bit disappointing, but a weak DM album is still better than anything else, so there.

4. Lord of the Rings: I first read it when I was about 11, I think, and I’ve read it a couple of times since though not recently. I kind of wish I hadn't read it so early as it's rather spoilt the whole epic fantasy genre for me. However, as much as I love the book very deeply, but I can’t bring myself to be fannish about it. Somehow, I find the thought of applying the normal fan activities to Tolkien somewhat sacrilegious. However, I don’t believe this is particularly because I hold the book in such high regard (though it is a bit), I think it’s because I find writing so intimate and I can’t bring myself to meddle in one author’s personal world (one jokey Balrog story notwithstanding) and I'd feel the same about Anne McCaffrey’s worlds or the Mists of Avalon.

5. Mythology: I went though a phase of reading a lot of Norse, Welsh and Irish myths, plus I love folklore and old country rituals (why will no one ever let me watch the morris dancers???). I think this interest tries in very much with my interest in witchcraft and the stone circle thing, I’ve always been attracted to ‘mystical’ and occulty things, though I am a healthy sceptic and I know most of it is utter nonsense. It occurred to me a long while after the fact (I was quite young) to realise that the reason I liked Robin of Sherwood so much when I was 10, was not because I liked Robin Hood stories, but because I loved the magical aspect. Herne and that forest folk magic was what I liked best. Hence I went on to read a few Dennis Wheatley novels. Um.

6. Witchcraft: I'm not a witch, but I wanted to be once. Then I asked myself honestly one day, 'what do I actually believe?' and the honest answer was that I was an atheist. That killed all that stone dead. I still find it all fascinating though and if someone put a gun to my head and told me to pick a religion, I would choose Wicca for it's respect for the natural world even though I am dubious about how much of it was made up in the 1920's.

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Sorry, perhaps I should have posted this today so I didn't have to go to bed straight after!

english aristocracy
jon snow
sandman comics
vintage clothes


This wouldn't work for me, as I've no interests - or much of anything - listed on my profile.

Yay! for astronomy.

You could always put some there.

I could, but I'm paranoid.

There, that's one interest already!

I went to my 6th Depeche Mode concert since '98 on Monday and will see them again in December when they're doing the second leg in my area. Yeah, the new album lacks ... something, but it's DM. And the concert was pretty good. :-)

I've done 10 concerts since 1988. Though I missed the Violator tour because no one would go with me. These days, I just go with myself as I did a couple of weeks ago! I'm not sure about November yet. I'm a lot skint and there's a possibility of free tickets through my company (there have a pretty good box at the O2).

This made me really self-conscious about all the outdated and outmoded interests on my profile... So I deleted them!

I'm not sure I knew you felt that way about LotR... Interesting!

I think mine need a prune, most of these are pretty old.

I'm not obsessed with LOTR, but it's close to my heart.

I can’t bring myself to meddle in one author’s personal world

I can understand that - and yet I have no qualms at all about Middle Earth as the prof himself said he wanted to invent a world in which other stories could be told - and his family have certainly taken him at his word...

I suppose he's not going to be bothered now!

the way they look at you as if they think you are a complete idiot. Because they are probably right.

True fact.

This was a really interesting read. I took an Astronomy class in college and I really did enjoy it. Greek mythology is my favorite, but Norse was the other one I got into.

I'm a die-hard DM fan, but I do love some of their stuff. I feel like a bad fan because I haven't even listened to the new album yet.

i hope it's okay that i've friended you. i came across you through your 'lines' post in the photo_scavenger community. i think we've connected there a little bit (or at least i seem to remember your user name), but i'm too sleepy right now to remember (please don't take that as a slight - in general i don't have the keenest memory).

love your descriptions. as you say, some of them may be past interests, but i think they still give a small snapshot of pieces of who you are as our past informs the present - don't you think? and i always envy people who can write so coherently as opposed to my usual ramblings.

i'm not afraid of my long ago forgotten what i put in my interests list - i'd love to try the meme, so THUNDERCATS. i'm in no rush (i'm not on everyday anyway) so don't worry about when you can get to this.

No worries, everyone is welcome!

Thanks, I try my best! I often think about where the different parts of me come from. I always thought my dad was the source of a lot of my interests (or at least I branched off from his), but it occured to me recently that the things that really do run deep with me (music especially) actually stem from my mother.

Your six:
blues & greens
cats (there can never be enough talk about cats!)



Never too late!

sisters of mercy
fish and chips

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