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That Day in the Life meme thing...

As I actually managed to write down what happened yesterday, I suppose I had better type it up!

Although I can't say this was a key day in my life, it wasn't a typical one in that unusual stuff happened and it was my mother's birthday.

I was woken in the early hours by a bored cat, so I chucked her in the living room until I was woken at a slightly more civilised hour by my alarm at 7.30am and again at 8am (I like to factor in half an hour of snooze time). The snooze button was also pressed, so I finally hauled myself up at about 8.10. If I don't wash my hair, I reckon I could manage getting up at 8.30, but my hair is even more of a mess if I do that, so 8.10 at the latest it is.

The important tasks of cat feeding, internet, showering, internet, cat hugging, dressing etc duly commenced and at 8.50 while I was drying my hair (already heading towards slightly late for work, alas) someone rang the entryphone of my flat. Because I wasn't expecting anyone and I'm getting a bit fed up with my neighbour's mates ringing my buzzer when he's too lazy to answer his, I ignored it. However, as I left for work, I saw that a man from the water company was hovering about a swamp that was beginning to form under my downstairs neighbour's bathroom window. It's a water leak! I should have answered the buzzer after all!

The water company man asks me to check the pressure of my kitchen water supply to see it the leak is mine, so I tramp back up the stairs to see. Alas I have no water, eek! Water company man takes my number and says he'll call me to tell me when they can get someone out to fix it. I am told that the repair will most likely be free as it's probably on their side, so I finally go to work (even later) hoping that he's right and I won't have to spend out ££££s I don't have. Come to think of it, we also had a gas leak in the same(ish) area a year or so ago... I wonder if the incidents are related?

Work wasn't terribly interesting. I had to print our entire database of safety procedures for my boss to review and it took all day. It could have been worse, I suppose, it could have been me doing the reviewing. I also had a lot of phone calls (this is quite unusual for me, one or two a day is normal). Of course, the water company man rings me as I am on the other line. Fortunately, it's an administrator from another office and I tell her I will call her back. The water company man says they can't come for two weeks so they are sending a contractor on Thursday. Luckily, I won't need to be in.

At 10am I can finally have some breakfast – a treat of bacon and toast from the canteen and a yoghurt. I won't need lunch.

At lunchtime I went home to check on Tegan (it's about 5 mins each way to work) and called my parents. Spoke to my dad about the water leak and then wished my mum happy birthday. Then I lurked on the internet some more.

Back at work, I send some boxes up to my boss in Edinburgh. He decided he wanted to live at home in Scotland again after 20 years commuting weekly between Hemel Hempstead and Edinburgh, and he's now based there. As such, I'm pretty much left to my own devices, which isn't a lot different to when he was here locked away in his office. I continue with the printing while listening to the audiobook of Book 3 of Game of Thrones on my phone until I am interrupted by a sales call. My mobile rings again as I'm trying to get rid of this annoying person, but this time I can't interrupt. It turns out it was the water company man again. The contractors have fixed the leak! It doesn't sound like a bill is heading my way, which is good news – it had better not be.

I go home at 5.30 and feed Tegan. I go to bed and flick through the internet on my laptop.

About 7.30 I have my own dinner, which is homemade beef rendang and coconut rice leftovers.

I watch Springwatch and a QI repeat while finishing off a Barbie custom hair reroot project.

 photo SNV34862_zps456ed6e4.jpg
The hair still needs styling, which is not my strong suit. It's meant to be a punk look and it's mostly blue, but you can't really tell from this.

Then during a programme on the art of the dark ages I've seen before, I make some PVC trousers for my Illyria Barbie custom doll project.

 photo SNV34865_zps3f8d68f6.jpg
If you are not quinara, you can guess which celebrity doll she's made from. Obviously I still need to finish her top, add bits and distress it all. I need to redo her mouth as well because it went horribly wrong. I also mucked up her eyes as I made the pupils too big, but because I actually managed to paint something reasonable, I am loathe to change it.

Then I go to bed about 11.55 with the laptop. Lights out is about 12.30...

I think that was more or less it.
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