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Keep calm people, we don't want a stampede!

 photo hairbrushsale_zps76a991a4.jpg

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Kent is a hairbrush-making company, so it's not so very surprising. Though why they feel a banner of that size is worth the money, heaven alone knows.

I know, that's the factory shop in Hemel Hempstead. I just thought they were being rather optimistic.

Well, they are very posh and expensive hairbrushes. Solve all your Christmas gift problems early this year! A hairbrush is always a good choice. Unless you're bald.

Then they are being even more optimistic trying to sell to the denizens of Hemel.

There are rich people, even in Hemel. Just in very good disguise.

The rich people don't live in Hemel they live in Berkhamstead or the expensive villages, of which there are lots. What I can't work out is how there are so many rich people and why none of them are me.

This is making me laugh way more maybe than it ought to, but damn, I'm still giggling!

I'm still giggling and I took it about 3 months ago.

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You mean to say you haven't been waiting to stock up on new hairbrushes??

(I'll confess, these days in addition to my two different types of gel (+back-up hairspray for special occasions), I regularly use two diffferent types of hairbrushes and I'd be very interested if they had a replacement for my getting-knackered barrel brush with pseudo(?)-ceramic plating behind the bristles. It was a fairly basic Babyliss when I bought it, or something like that, but it has a nice wooden handle and it's a good size, unlike everything else they seem to have in Boots now. And my backcombing brush was very cheap indeed...)


(You'll be disappointed, the sale has ended now)

If I see it again, I will let you know!

Please do! Because I will rush there, obvs. And then go to Quasar or something... (Because obviously I wouldn't visit you if I ended up in Hemel for hairbrushes!)

I would be very upset if hairbrushes were more important than me.

I think I can safely say that you will always be more important to me than my hairbrushes.

that's the nicest thing I've heard all day.

It's a pretty big compliment, so you can be sure I don't say it lightly!

So, I went on their website for a laugh and they actually have a beautiful-looking backcombing brush right on their frontpage? Somehow I've got beyond irony...

This means more to people than it does to me.

Come on, don't expect us to believe you didn't RUN FOR THAT SALE the instant after you took the photo.

I was more interested in Dunelm.

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