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Love and Rockets - Terry

Ten Years Music Meme

I did quinara's sort of meme thingy.

My last 10 Year's in great music. A track a year.

Their album is my current obssession.

I spent the last half of 2012 mainlining School of Seven Bells.

Not released in 2012, but this track soundtracked the summer.

I couldn't pick Marching Song again, so I have gone for the other great track on their album.

Still very high on my favourite songs ever list.

A lovely summery track that builds and builds.

This is how I prefer The Horrors, not as some Echo & the Bunnyman tribute band.

I forgot how good this was! Their album was great too.

This was the soundtrack to my trip to Istanbul.

Not their best, but this was still before they went sadly downhill.

This whole soundtrack is one of the most haunting albums I've ever heard.
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Stuck on first track; why was I not told about this????

(Although, I was told by LJ that you'd mentioned me, which was a bit weird.)

I meant to tell you, that was what I was going to reply to your post about, I just didn't get to it. The album is not bad at all. This track is also very good:

I also bought the Soft Metals album, but I didn't like that as much. It's a touch too dancey for me.

(That's very disconcerting)

So I have discovered! I think I'm liking them a lot, although I think I'm already cooling on some of the synthwave tracks I had - bit too much naiveté in their despair to last. But I'm enjoying this album so far!!

I ended up buying the Soft Metals EP (I think because the album didn't have The Cold World Melts or something?), but I can't say it blew me away either. I just found that the moment they left beautiful they ended up with twee, rather than reasonable album track. It was a shame.

(Writing about them while on Preservation by LA is making me see striking similarities with Another Goodbye, and this track is definitely building on that a lot more than the other Soft Metals tracks did.)

I made up two albums of tracks and I found I cooled on most of them too (although I still really like that strange Soft Moon track you hated, I think it's because it reminds me of Danielle Dax). I have decided that I really don't like Led Er Est as well. Linea Aspera were by far the best band I got out of that You Tube trawl.

I bought the album because it had 'Always' on it. It has The Cold World Melts, but not Another Goodbye.

(Hmm, both are quite sparse and airy?)

Clearly we were caught up in some sort of superficial frenzy! Although I do think a lot of these people could be helped by just thinking a bit harder about their album craft, so it was easier to listen to them round and round and round (like Simple Minds. And Siouxsie. And people before MP3s killed things!!!) I still like Led Er Est a lot, but think they are waning slightly. I suspect/hope this will be to rise again when a different way of appreciating them clicks into place, but maybe not.

Oh yes, that was it... I was buying it for Another Goodbye, so I wasn't going to do without that!

(I think the vocalists are quite similar, but maybe not?)

I think one listen (or half a listen in some cases) when you're raking through You Tube isn't enough to determine if something is only to have longevity. I thought Claps were really good for 5 minutes, but that faded.

I think (and I've thought this about a lot of goth records, especially the German darkwave I have had a few dealings with in the past (which sounds rather similar to the coldwave, except for gloomier vocals most of the time)) that the cheap recording and production really tells in the end.

(Yeah, maybe)

ION I think there are definitely parallels in our histories, particularly up to 2008 (and after, in the sense that guitars switch to synths in the most part). Although your world seems to have many more summers!

Just bought Linea Aspera's and that Editors' album. The School of Seven Bells track is nice, but it's not quite doing it for me for some reason. It's slightly too much of that long-line drum beat with syncopation thing that you like... ;)

It's funny that, although I don't like summer much, I do seem prone to summery songs. You have to note, I have always been synth, there's just more quality synth stuff than guitars recently. Even Editors switched from guitar to synth (a lot of fans hated that, but tbh I barely noticed). And yay! Editors!

If there was a template made for songs that I would like, Low Times would definitely fit it, I agree.

It is true, I would never deny your synth credentials! I'm just reading the narrative, yo.

a lot of fans hated that, but tbh I barely noticed). And yay! Editors!

Ha! I have to say, I love the album cover. Haven't listened to it yet because I'm finishing Linea Aspera, but I was listening to the track and thinking 'this isn't bad; I used to just buy music that wasn't bad - like that Sum 41 album I bought in 2002 or whenever that really had no redeeming merit at all... I should buy this too.' And so I did, whether or not that was a compliment for it by the end.

All of these summery songs just make me want to listen to Donna Summer and remember why sometimes I like disco. (/rarely)

Nah, I saw your point, it's just there are two co-current narratives and the synth one goes way back to 1981. I was listening to guitars more then, but Depeche were always around and Goldfrapp, and from the late 1990's so were Curve.

Any Editors buying is a good thing and it is a great album, though I'm not sure if you'll like it or not. It is more synthy than the other two albums, but I do hate the production on Like Treasure, which seems to smother the song rather than giving it the scope it should have had.

I have a Sum 41 single. We all made that mistake.

I confess, I have a soft spot for disco. It's not something I listen to often, but if I have to have dance music, I'll pick disco every time.

Just read this interview; have you seen it? http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/interviews/alison-lewis-linea-aspera/

It seems like they're already in the process of splitting, but the vocalist is moving on to something a bit less retro? Very interested as to what that might sound like...

Oh that's a really interesting interview, her academic studies explain a lot about her lyrics. And they ask her about Athamay, who provided the best tracks on a compliation I had, and they were exactly who I was thinking about when I was talking about darkwave above. They do sound a bit similar.

It's a shame they've split (I wonder if it was actually a relationship split, I thought I read they were together somewhere).

I like her, she likes Lisa Gerrard. (I wonder if she was at the Albert Hall?).

I thought you'd like her (and the interview)! It would make sense if it was a relationship split, because it does seem quite abrupt.

She doesn't seem all that happy about it either.

True. Although she doesn't strike me as someone who would be all that happy about life?

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