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It's about time I got to posting an update of Tegan's problems.

So you might remember I had to time my troubled little cat to the vet for a couple of episodes that happened to her that could have been fits or an ear infection. Well, they're not thinking ear infection any more (as I thought so from the beginning).

She's had about eight fits now (the last one was today), but after the last one a couple of weeks ago, which was the only one I've managed to witness in full, I took her back to the vet for another examination. It was a different vet this time - one that seemed to know a little more about the problem – and her opinion was pretty much ‘do nothing for now, it’s probably epilepsy’, her symptoms aren’t frequent enough yet to warrant drug treatment. She didn’t seem to think a MRI was worth the expense (Tegan would only get put on the drugs anyway and it’s a lot of trauma for a cat to go through) and they’d only do a blood profile if things got worse.

So basically there’s not a lot we can do, poor girl!

Have another piccy:

 photo teganagain_zps558fa698.jpg
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