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Hello World

It's about time I got to posting an update of Tegan's problems.

So you might remember I had to time my troubled little cat to the vet for a couple of episodes that happened to her that could have been fits or an ear infection. Well, they're not thinking ear infection any more (as I thought so from the beginning).

She's had about eight fits now (the last one was today), but after the last one a couple of weeks ago, which was the only one I've managed to witness in full, I took her back to the vet for another examination. It was a different vet this time - one that seemed to know a little more about the problem – and her opinion was pretty much ‘do nothing for now, it’s probably epilepsy’, her symptoms aren’t frequent enough yet to warrant drug treatment. She didn’t seem to think a MRI was worth the expense (Tegan would only get put on the drugs anyway and it’s a lot of trauma for a cat to go through) and they’d only do a blood profile if things got worse.

So basically there’s not a lot we can do, poor girl!

Have another piccy:

 photo teganagain_zps558fa698.jpg

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Aww I am sorry to hear this. :(

It's not good news, but at last she's not suffering between the fits.

What a sweetie! I hope she feels better soon.

Aw, poor little girl. I hope her seizures don't become more frequent or intense. :-(

That's the fear. If I can I just have to time them and add that to the diary I'm keeping.

Poor Tegan - a good job she is (usually...!) an indoor cat so less likely to come to harm if she fits.

And that is an absolutely gorgeous picture.

Probably, though with the way she keeps boncing from wall to wall when she's like that, I'm not sure.

Not so gorgeous when you know it's the waterproof mattress protector I had to get because of her!

Aw, poor kitty. Sending along good vibes to her - and you.

And a mop to get under the bed where she wet herself would be useful too!

Poor thing! Fingers crossed her condition doesn't get any worse!

So do I! Sticking her in the shower once a month is stressful for both of us.

Meep! Well, at least the fits are quite irregular.

Doyle has epilepsy. (Kitty in icon.) The first time I saw a fit, it freaked me out so bad. Fortunately they aren't terribly frequent, but they are always horrifying when they happen, but since I know he's OK overall, I just comfort him through it and he recovers quickly. I feel for you and Tegan, though, cuz it really sucks.

She really is a beautiful cat. I LOVE that picture. :)

She is a cutie pie, that's for sure. She's such a sweet cat (when she's not biting me!), I just feel so sorry that she has all these problems like this and her wobbly neurological thing that affects her balance, but I took her on knowing she would be a challenge.

Sorry to hear Doyle is a fellow suffer. I can't say I was freaked out, I just felt disappointed that her condition had got worse so young. I try to comfort her too, but unfortunately she has to have a bath to clean her up first!

Aw, she's a beautiful cat!

Thanks, I'll tell her. ;D

Poor kitty! I hope things improve.

Thanks, I have my fingers crossed!

Oh, little Tegan is so cute! So sorry to hear about her fits.

I know, she just doesn't deserve all this.

She's gorgeous! I'll cross my fingers for her :)

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