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Meg and Mog - Mog [new]

I'm dreaming of a white birthday...

Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes.

It's been a bit of a week, what with the snow and whatnot. I can't quite grasp the concept of being forty(!!). It's not really possible for me to be that old, so I can't get upset about it - even if work made every effort they could to remind me of it.

Everyone in RL has been far more excited about it than myself, as my main concern was what would be the first song I would hear in my fourth decade (Candyman by Siouxsie and the Banshees in the end). Still I went out to lunch with work and my friend cooked me a dinner (last Saturday), plus my mum organised a buffet on Sunday (that I had to cook in the end) with a big cake.

 photo 20130120_120244_zps1a6aa14e.jpg

I also got my desk decorated:

 photo 20130123_093936_zps5adcae0a.jpg

I got an eclectic range of presents:

A new laptop! (which I've had two months)
£60 from the girls at work
2 CDs and a DVD
Some fruity smellies
A mug and coaster celebrating the occasion (as if)
One of those jumbo pens that writes in different colours.
2 cupcakes
Bath confetti
A bottle of Amaretto and a losing scratchcard :(
Some bubbles to blow (the cat is delighted)

ETA: edited for pictures

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40 is fine - it's just like 39 really, and not a good deal different to 29!

And any excuse for cake is good, I reckon. Many happy cupcakes of the day...

Thanks, I'm not really worried about being 40, it's that I just can't get my head around the fact I could possibly be that old!

There's something wrong with my priorities. I'm mostly wild with envy that you're allowed to have your own bin at your desk. (Bloody recycling.)

Happy birthday, anyway. And of course you're not 40. Nobody I know is. Nor am I anywhere near it.

There was talk of that, but we have green bins. That wild wodge of paper on the left it actual an overflowing green bin. Out of shot is the vast pile of Diet Coke cans I am accumulating!

40 doesn't exist? Excellent!

Happy Birthday!

I still feel 20 and I passed 40 quite a while ago :)

Thanks, I still feel 15, if I'm honest.

Ooh, this all looks very nice! Sorry the scratchcard lost. :( Also that I seem to have gone perhaps a little bit over the top by accident.

Thank you for the Mixtape (and the VG mixtape - how very appropriate!). Nothing wrong woth over the top!

It was a £5 scratchcard too. Poo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOGGIE! Glad it was a grand affair with good loot.

I turn 37 this month and I still think I am 25. I wonder if that ever passes? Maybe when I am hobbling along with a walker or some such. Hmm.

Survey says no. I find the concept of time passing very, very weird and hard to grasp. I work with someone whose mother is the same age! Stuff that happened 15 years ago feels like last week! I've been driving 23 years!


40?? Well you don't look that old. :D

That cake looks lovely by the way. Happy Birthday.

Yep! My boss was quite surprised.

Thanks, it was really nice actually.

I've been failing on a monumental scale with regard to birthday wishes - hope you had a lovely day!

Oh, the same. I'm terrible.

Thanks, it was pretty good.

Happy birthday. Oh the cake looks yummy.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

And your cake + workstation are very impressive!

(I'm 40 in a few years. It seems completely unreal, so I think I'll react like you.)


The workstation is impressively messy!

(At least you have a few years)

I found you a cake on my LJ.

40? Not true. Because that might mean I am really 57, and that's even more impossible. If you stay 15, that allows me to be a mere 32. That makes far more sense.

If I am 15 then it's still 1988, which was the year I lived in South Africa. I'd rather not live that again (I still have dreams where I'm forced to go back, no!!!). Make it five years later.

Happy B-day. I gotta say turning 40 really feels no different than when I turned 28 or 33 or whatever, LOL!

Sounds like you had a great day. :)

Thanks, I have to say I didn't take turning 30 all that well, so this is an improvement. I haven't grown up any though.

Ack, happy belated birthday! That cake looks amazing.

Thanks, it was pretty tasty.

I wish I could be 40. It was a good age. I should stay that way if I were you.

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