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This amused me

I was reading through some stories I wrote when I was about 15 or so and I came across this delight of a sentence:

Going home on the Tube, he switched off from those around him and thought about computers.

Because that's exactly what people do. Yep.

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I do that all the time... Or maybe not. But it's worth it for the pun/imagery alone!

It's a very broad subject to be thinking about, even for a character who is some kind of computer engineer. Nowadays I'd have him working out some code (or reading the Standard).

I assumed the paragraph following was going to fill in some more information - or that it was someone who was thinking about buying a new computer. But I imagine a computer engineer would probably be more likely to read about the Standard than think about work on the way home. Alas!

Oh no, the next sentence was 'In this almost trance-like state, he pulled himself up to his flat'. Actually, considering he is actually the boss of his company, I think he probably should be thinking about tax or the company accounts, something boring like that.

Ha! It sounds a bit like the computer aliens have taken control of him... (Although we do not mock 15 year old writers! *koff* not going to look on the dates on the earliest fics I've kept up *koff*) Head of the company would probably be thinking about money/something more macro, though, yeah.

This is exactly why I don't mock, I made all those same classic mistakes! Mary Sue's, complete absence of research (Watford Library wasn't much help), self insertion, ridiculous plots...

He was probably thinking about spreadsheets. Good man.

Too be fair, this is from a story I didn't actually finish, so it hasn't had the edits the other stories had. Not that they are shining examples of fiction, but they aren't this sketchy.

I'll have you know my 15yo stuff does not possess these things! Anything that was inclined towards it has long been deleted... Although I shudder at the idea of having to research a fic with just Chorleywood library. I think my first fandom argument was when I made a comment about Fall vs. Autumn on some fic and a reviewer got very snippy about the fact that Americans can use Autumn too...

I find it funny how editing is always the part I forget about, even though it's the part that makes the most difference! (Sorry; I went to the pub, so have lost most coherence/insight.)

I could never delete them! I have a box in my wardrobe full of excerise books with my stories and that of a friend's. We used to write for other (hence the self-insertion - although it was under a psuedonym and a major change of appearance). At some point after I got a computer, I must have typed some of the later ones up.

There wasn't the internet to embarass myself on back then.

The internet is a cruel mistress. Although my Mary Sue was cool!!! She was a vampire with a vampire cat that drank cherry coke. *nods*

Anyone can be cool with a cat and cherry coke.

Mmm. Computers. Yep, who hasn't been there? (tbh tube thoughts are often so random I wouldn't be at all surprised if I've done this or something similarly vague)

I know I have often thought 'mmm computers', but I am usually standing in PC World at the time.

RUNNING IN ...... *skids to halt* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *wipes brow!* Hope it's been FAB!!!! This comment has been brought to you today by the use of capitals and exclamation marks *g*

Thanks. I don't know that's it's been FAB!!!! but it's been pretty good, if embarassing.

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