Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

The Bogwitch Creative Review of the Year


Sadly, this shouldn't take much of your time.

BtVS and AtS

Spike/Buffy Barbie Christmas Cards

Trading Faces
Spike/Buffy, Halloween Challenge fic for sb_fag_ends

I’m Sorry (Only I’m Not)
Buffy/Spike drabble.

A Hollow Throne
Very short Illyria fic

The Black Widow Graphic Novel
I, II, III, IV, DVD Extra

More Working My Way Back to You (BtVS):

35 and 36

Afterlife in the Fast Lane (Wallpaper)

The Vampire Diaries

Bottle Living
Meredith and Damon, gen fic


Meg and Mog Icons!

Barbie Glastonbury

Adventures in PVC (Barbie)

Barbie BAFTA gown
Tags: annual review time, writing

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