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Shrek - Puss

21st December


How long do you reckon we've got?*

*Yes, I know it's been 21st December for about 12 hours in other time zones, have you seen any man-eating aliens or asteroids looming awfully close? Any supervolcanoes grumbling?

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Well no sign of anything here in good old Perth WA. But like I told my kids last week, WA, also short for 'Wait Awhile', is always the last to get anything, so we shouldn't expect the end of the world for at least six more months. LOL

Happy doomsday anyway!

Re: Apocalypse where?

the day isn't over yet, maybe you'll get lucky!

Erm, it's raining.


Yeah, that's all I got.

there's plenty of rain here too. perhaps we'll get washed away?


Obvious. Duh.

Well, I'm in Oklahoma, so we can't be an hour or more off from them here. It's 7 PM here, so WE HAVE AT LEAST FIVE HOURS TO GO.

i'll be asleep then. I'll never know.

Maybe it will end at like nigh noon Mayan timezone. Or at midnight Mayan timezone. In which case it will already be tomorrow for you.

Honestly, this whole 2012 thing has been cropping up every now and then for what, five years now? I'll be so glad when it's over. Over, ha. Then we can look forward to the next world ending prophecy and selective panic. Though I'm not sure one will come along anytime soon to rival the Y2K/'Jesus is coming because it's the year 2000' one.

true we can't all be obliterated on the same day, can we?

So far, doomsday looks better than the day before doomsday anyway.

By which I mean it's not raining.

According to this BBC News article

Among the believers of the "apocalypse" themselves, there are different accounts as to when exactly the world should end.

Some have said it already ended at midnight Thursday, while others have given the deadline of just after 11:00 GMT on Friday.

So it may have already ended and we didn't even notice... Must have been a bit boring.

ETA - And it really should have been exciting - according to 'a spiritual leader' "The cosmos is going to take us to a higher level of vibration..

Edited at 2012-12-21 01:12 pm (UTC)

Ooh. But I can't say I noticed even that.

And, really, I think we should have :)

Frankly, now I am a little disappointed.

Considering I was just watching Celebrity Eggheads, I think the end has already come.

Good grief. Are you ok?

I've come back to my parents, but everyone's been working still, so I've ended up watching a lot of daytime TV - aka quiz programmes. Somehow I've actually grown to enjoy Pointless; Alexander Armstrong is mildly entertaining... The Eggheads was a low, though (thankfully I didn't make it all the way through).

When I was at Uni and twiddling my thumbs all day, I got into terrible sitcoms.

I can't take Alexander Armstrong seriously, it always looks like a sketch.

Whereas terrible sitcoms are my go-to entertainment...

I think that's why I find him entertaining!

I prefer them to be good these days.

Well, I draw the line at Him and Her.

Thankfully, I seem to have missed that.

(I had to wiki it and 'Worlds End State Park' is today's featured article!)

To be fair, I've only seen adverts, so it could be good...

(But it's not as exciting as I thought it was going to be - I wanted an apocalypse theme park!)


Now an apocalypse theme park does sound good! There probably is one somewhere.

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