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This post is part of a fit diary for my vet

RIP Sir Patrick Moore.

I share that sentiment with a post about my cat, but I'm sure, as a cat lover himself, he won't mind.

So I think little Tegan is having seizures.

I came home from work a few weeks ago (09/11/2012?) and found her scrabbling manically on the wooden floor by my bed. I picked her up and comforted her until she calmed down as her breaths were rapid and she was panting. She'd also wet herself resulting in me having to wash my duvet. :/ Back then I wondered if it had been a fit or if I had somehow startled her and launched her into a full panic attack. She's very nervous, so that wasn't a stretch. As she seemed okay after that, I resolved to wait and see.

But she had another attack on Friday morning. I was woken way too early by her scrabbling on the floor again, this time in my hallway. Same thing happened. More panting and shuddering and she ended up splayed out in her own pee as if her back end had just given up. I propped her up and her legs seemed fine, so I washed her up and she seemed okay after that, demanding food. But as this was a repeat I took her to the vets asap.

They didn't have a clue, so as she is otherwise fine and not poorly we are treating her for a possible ear infection - working on the hypothesis that because she already has neurological problems that affect her balance and gait, that she might have lost her balance while scratching her ear (which she does a lot) and triggered a panic attack. It's a much cheaper route than doing an MRI scan for epilepsy, but somehow, given her history and the nature of the attacks, I think epilepsy or something is more likely.

Looks like I'll bathing her in the middle of the night again in the future. :(

On a cheerier note, here's a nice pic of her:


Aw, bless her! I hope it's as simple as an ear infection, and that clearing that up will sort out the issue!

I do, but my gut feeling, even that first time is that it was a fit. She was just too unresponsive until the shuddering stopped. She was like that for a good 30 seconds or more.

she has a gprgeous face, hope is 'just' poorly ears and she gets bettar asap

I hope so too, but I doubt it.

Aw, poor little Tegan; I hope that it is an ear infection, and she's back to her normal self really soon.

She was back to her normal self in about 5 minutes! I have my fingers crossed, but I was sort of expecting this.

Petzi Sis's Popcorn had a seizure like that and it turned out that she had a very, very wonky thyroid.

Hmm. They didn't take any blood, which is what I expected them to do, so who knows? I've made a few assumptions based on her other problem really. I will mention that if I have to go back to the vet though, thanks.

Poor little Tegan! I hope she's all better soon.

*scritchies her*

Alas I think this is the top of the slippery slope I've been dreading.

Poor kitty! She is a very pretty girl, and I hope things clear up.

She has the market cornered on adoreable. :)

The cracknip is better. :/

I'm sorry. My cat has seizures, but of a different variety. I hope they can find out what's causing it and maybe some meds that can help.

Cute picture.

Thanks. Regular pill feeding will be fun and expensive. Hopefully I can get the charity I got her from to pay (we have an agreement due to her pre-existing mysterious condition). I was hoping we'd get a bit further along before we got to this stage (she's only 4).

Oh poor tegan and poor you. It must be very scary for her and you when she has one of those episodes. I hope it turns out to be something simple and not epilepsy. Good luck to you both.

There's still hope, but not a lot to be honest.

Tegan is so pretty! I hope it's the ear infection. I'm sorry you guys are going through this. It is always so scary when animal friends are hurting. I wish you guys my best thoughts!!!

She is! She's a sweet and lovely cat, it breaks your heart to know this is probably part of the condition she's always had.

Poor kitty. I hope they can figure out what's wrong.

And with not too much expense, hopefully!

Aw, the poor little thing. I hope things work out and it's nothing serious. My two boys are keeping their paws crossed for her.

Thanks, she's had a problem all along, so alas, I think this is just that becoming worse.

;_____; I'll be thinking of your cat. Hope whatever's wrong goes away soon.

Thank you, but the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced this is just her existing problem worsening.

Oh, pooor Tegan. I hope it isn't anything serious.

Sadly, I can't see how it can be anything but.

Really sorry about Tegan. I hope you're wrong about the epilepsy.