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Things I made watching the Great British Bake Off final...

It's a dark and stormy night and I'm watching dodgy French vampire films in the dark on my own. The thunder, lighting and pounding rain are adding a wonderful level of seasonal creep!

In other seasonal news, I have been inspired by sueworld2003 to make some decorations for my Halloween tree, which now sports a lovely collection of tortured souls (and some pumpkins). They came out much better than I thought, so as I'm rather pleased with them here you go (and yes, the tree is on my work desk):






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Oh well done they look excellent! Are they made from fimo or some such?

Sculpey, yeah. When you did yours I thought I could do it. it's just taken me this long to get around to it.

I'm not sure they are terribly well baked though.

Well you can always bake them for a wee bit longer to further harden them up.

Knowing me, I'll burn them!

Well a couple of minutes at the lowest heat will do it. *g*

These are mega smart, Bogs! Love the pumpkins. Shatteredly I'm about to go to bed, but I'm caught up on the Bake Off - very happy about the result. All I want in life now is a lemon-marshmallow-coconut cloud cake!

Thanks. The first few ghosts are a bit rough, but otherwise I'm rather proud of them!

I dunno about the Bake Off. I liked the result, but tbh I'm not 100% convinced it was actually the right choice.

I think I actually preferred the Hell part. Choccy orange!

Oh, I love the ghosts too! That one in the third pic is ace.

I dunno; James was a mess, and I've been saying for weeks that Brendan bores Paul and Mary. Yes, he's consistently good, but he's all classics with a sheen rather than pizzazz. Even though it's an amateur competition, Paul can't let go of the professional sphere and cutsey 70s style was never going to cut it - as long as there was a viable alternative.

Blergh - the texture looked, er, divine, but I'm always ix-nay on the choccy orange (or, worse, mint).

Did you see that Cathryn and Sarah-Jane have started a market stall together? That news made my day.

James was a mess, but I did like his unintentionally ramshackle barn. Brendan was safe, but was mainly consistent and somehow, that felt unrewarded. He was still annoyingly arrogant though, so I'm happy he didn't win.

Usually coconut would trump all, but the marshmallow pushes it into the realm of too sweet. I'd eat mint, but I'd be thinking of coconut.

Yes, I did see that! I wonder where? I hope they're not using green carpet in their goods.

They're rather gorgeous. Are they edible?

Re: Bakeoff - I wanted them all to win.

Edited at 2012-10-17 09:27 pm (UTC)

No, they're modelling clay.

I wanted either of the boys to win, so I'm happy. But somehow I feel guilty for that.

Thank you! I might make some demons to go with them!

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