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The Mighty Boosh - Saboo

A quiz!

I saw this out of the window this afternoon...


Was I being attacked by:

a velociraptor?
a Romulan War Bird?
a giant white croissant?
G-Force in the Phoenix?
Something else? (inform me below)
It's just a cloud you daft bat.

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I was thinking Big Bird

Big Bird looking a small dog! Big Bird wouldn't hurt me though, would he?

Big Bird? Never. He'(s just looking for protection against Romney ;-)

What am I supposed to be looking at?

The cloud! Where's your imagination?!

Actually now I think it looks like a kangaroo.

It is a Mahrid freed from his vessel - he bows to his "master" but be wary of what you wish for!

I'm not sure what that is, but I'm guessing genie. I will choose my wishes with great care.

Well "genie" or Jinn refers to a whole race of beings shaped of smoke and fire as the direct opposites of humans shaped of earth and water, according to Arabic lore. The Mahrid ("mah - reed") were the Jinn rebels.

God granted Solomon, son of David the ability to conquer and seal away the Mahrid into various bottles and jars.

The Mahrid is forced by the seal of Solomon to grant at least three wishes - but again, be careful what you wish for because they are angry spirits.

One of the sources I read advised that you wish them peace in the name of Allah and tell them to leave.

Oh. I couldn't find anything when I googled, but that's very interesting - especially in light of a Drogyn story I planned out (but will probably not write now) where he meets the Jinn in Syria.

I will take note and I'll know what to do when they come back again!

I'll vote for a dinosaur....

What a great shot! Thanks for sharing that.

Thanks, I cropped the smudges on the window where the cat has been rubbing her nose...

Definitely a de-cloaking Romulan.


What do the Romulans want with me??? Is it the Peace prize thing?

My first thought was definitely dragon

As was mine, but I am now convinced it's a curious sky kangaroo.

I think it's a plesiosaur...

I was regretting not adding the loch ness monster to the poll.

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