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Meg and Mog - Yay!


... if I am a citizen of an EU member state, so does that mean I've won a Nobel prize?

Who would have thought!

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Yes, you have! Congratulations.

Be sure to ad this information to your resume. :)

Wow! So when do you think our cheque will arrive?

soon hopefully, fellow Nobel laureate!

I wonder how much each you get? Sadly I will not benefit as the island is not actually a member of the EU...

Seriously, I hope they do something sensible with it - but they will probably fritter it on free food and booze for civil servants and ministers.

It's all about the honour.


Someone on the BBC said something about 0.17p. That's my student debt sorted!

I'd let you have my share too - if I had one - then you could not only pay off the debt but celebrate as well....

Wait, what? *confused American is apparently out of the loop...*


The European Union has won the Nobel Peace prize. As the EU is made up of elected representatives, then I extrapolate that as the UK is a member and I vote for an MEP (Member of the European Parliament), then the organisation's win belongs to every citizen of the EU. Ergo I am a Nobel prize winner!

I had the exact same thought... Go us!

It's quite nifty really!

I am Norwegian and thus not a member of the EU, but I live in and pay taxes to Ireland which is. Does that mean I'm a part of it or not? *confused*

If you're a permanent resident, then you must be.

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