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Meg and Mog - Mmmm


We had a charity 'coffee morning'* for Macmillan Cancer Care (or whatever it's called) yesterday at work and the sister of someone in Accounts brought a ton of home-made cakes.

*it involved precious little coffee to be honest, but a lot of very tasty cake.

All for me? You shouldn't have...


I went for this delicious Almond Slice:


...And a Cookie Monster cupcake, because why wouldn't you?


I couldn't eat anymore, but it was so tempting:


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Oh wow! I'd have gone for the almond slice, too - but I must remember the cookie monster cakes for future use!

They weren't blue inside disappointingly.

Those are some nice looking cakes and cupcakes indeed.

Can I come round your house and help you finish them?

Sorry, we ate them all! There was only some sad looking piece of fruit cake left by the end. Maybe next time?

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