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A surprisingly good day

I actually managed to get out of the office today to go up to London with a small group for a course.

I can't say I know much more now about DSE assessment than I knew before, but the course was a complete hoot! Not bad for a free course (we speculated that it might be a front for slavers - although they would have been sorely disappointed by a bunch of middle-aged women and one token bloke).

The only problem is now I have to assess 200 workstations...

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I'd be excited, too, if I got to get out of the office for a change. Your course sounds like "ergonomic assessments" that we have at work. We (the workers) can request them from our Health & Safety group whenever we like.

I'd be especially excited, if work sent me to London (but that's really not likely to happen ;) !!!

Yeah, it's exactly that sort of thing. We are having a refurbishment at the moment and we will be getting new chairs etc, so we need to get it right. We have to do them by law, though we've been a bit slack. We are a construction company (we built the Olympic stadium and a few more high profile British buildings, including a great deal of Edinburgh) and office safety has been way down our list of priorities safety-wise.

I forgot to reply to the second bit.

I am very lucky that London is so close for the company to send me to, although they have sent me to Birmingham (though sadly not Alabama). It's terrible really, I have one of the world's major cities half an hour away and these days I still only manage to get down there once or twice a year.

Ah, fun. I help process DSE assessments in work - it's a nightmare getting people to complete them! Best of luck...

Well, if they don't, they'll have the three of us decend on them! There will be no hiding!

DSE is such a low priority for us - our main work can (and unfortunately does) kill people, we tend to concentrate on that - not that we shouldn't be doing assessments, it just we never seem to have the time.

Then we have to do them all again once we move into or new building!

Sorry to hear your foot was broken.

I don't even know what a DSE assessment is. What is it?

display screen equipment.

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