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Fox Hunting (again) & stuff

So the House of Lords has rejected a complete ban on Hunting with Dogs (Fox Hunting)? Well bugger me, I didn't see that coming!

It's never going to get through the Lords as it stands (insert rant over unelected second house), so can't we just get it over and done with and reform the House of Lords invoke the Parliament Act to push it through?

I think now is the time.

57%? My arse.

In other ramblings:

I like the the ep 8 spoilers. Bit peeved at the Harmony bits, but not too worried. Love the sound of the rest of it though, we getting cool Spike again! I hope we get lots of glee from JM.

Is anyone else reminded of Rimmer's behaviour in the Red Dwarf ep Bodyswap though? Or is it just me?

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