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Boggy's Music of (last) Week

A day late, but I was busy.

Bored with GHXST now.

Thankfully, my third favouritest band in the ever, Dead Can Dance, came to my rescue by streaming their new album (their first in 16 years!) on their website. Annoyingly, they only left it up for a day and I didn't have time to rip more than a couple of songs before they replaced it with a non-album taster track, now I have to wait for August for the rest. Woe!

At least they kept up the quality I expect and demand.

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I've been trying to come up with something to say, but all I have is THEY SOUND SO EIGHTIES.

This isn't really a value judgement either way, you understand. I really like the Greek one, though it sounds a bit more North African to me, even with whatever it is that I thought was a balalaika, but apparently can't be, because that's Russian not Greek. I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

Nooooo! No they don't!

I think it's a meant to be a mix of things. Perhaps Mediterranean is more accurate,

If I am honest, it is a bit Dead Can Dance by numbers, but I'm not sick f that yet.

I'm sad enough that I was wondering why you hadn't replied to me here, so came to find out that you did, but I didn't get it. Unfortunately I don't really have anything to say. But maybe the first one is more eighties than the second. And there's nothing wrong with music by the numbers if the numbers are a formula wot ain't broke and really all you want is some more of it. Like the good days of Arctic Monkeys. Where did it all go wrong?

They became successful.

I'm exactly worried about the lack of comments to this post. I let you off.

But they were successful with the first album - and then it was the second that was the best! I feel so betrayed by Alex Turner; it seemed like he could write such cool lyrics, but apparently he only had two and a half albums in him. :(

You need more references to the jam you bought at Sainsbury's.

But although they were successful quickly, they still had memory of the streets! Once they had a few years in celebrityland those memories get vaguer.

That was meant to be be 'not exactly'. I wasn't expecting Dead Can Dance to be populist,

This is probably true. Even if the memories of the streets were mostly Art partly inspired by Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Observational writing doesn't need to be trufax!

Ah. Well... There's still room for jam.

there is always room for jam

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