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Love and Rockets - Terry

Boggy's Music of the Month

I have been feeling a bit out of it recently, both posting-wise and music -wise, so I have resolved to do something about it.

The thing has got me out of touch with current music is a lack of a conduit for news and new bands. I used to listen to XFM, then I moved and the hill behind me blocks their signal (yes, I know I there's an online stream, but there are other factors that are too long-winded to get into now), then MTV2 disappeared and Adam and Joe aren't on 6 Music anymore, Spotify, while certainly like crack to me in other ways, wasn't getting me into anything new, so I have resolved to look at the NME website every day and listen to their radio station as much as I can. Thus, in the last month I have made tons of discoveries!

I propose then, I will make a weekly post of all the new things I like! (We'll see). These might not be all new songs, but they are new to me, that's what counts, as you will see. I also have no idea with some of them how popular or obscure they are, they could all be number ones for all I know (though I think a few are unsigned/unreleased yet).

First though I have to play catch with my finds for the last month:

The Heartbreakers - Delay, Delay ( my current earworm). I hear a lot of Lloyd Cole, The Smiths and Edwyn Collins in this. Perhaps a bit of Cast? Very retro anyway.

Then last night I was getting very into this old Siouxsie B-side. It's obviously an old song, even old to me, but I never really liked it all that much because I thought the beginning was so weak I never bothered with the rest, but it's obviously found it's moment with me at last. I am ashamed it has taken me so long:

Churches - Lies.

That song I think will be the sound of my summer, along with this one. Crystallized by Melody's Echo Chamber

Breton - Foam (this really reminds me of someone, but I can't place it)

Band of Skulls - Bruises

Savages (I love this band, though I can only find three songs)

City's Full


Then to finish, I have fallen in love with GHXST in the last three days,devouring every track I can get my grubby mitts on. Doomy incoherent mumbling into a wall of guitars? Deth Grunge? Cool girl singer? I am so there! Is everyone listening to GHXST? Am I late to this party? Why did no one tell me????

GHXST should do the soundtrack to the new Suspiria re-make (even if the idea is sacrilege).

Black Camaro


Hopefully, I will be into something totally different next week.

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You know Breton had me at the 8-bit ping-pong sound... The vocals are basically Digitalism, though - only the accent's a bit more English and less German. Is that who you were thinking of? Still, I might be checking out that album!

The Heartbreaks are too poppy for me - and I liked the Idlewild-like start of Band of Bruises, but then it got slightly... Cardigans? Or maybe Texas. Someone late nineties.

On GHXST - I do really like the singing parts, but it's a bit too much unremitting thrash for me. I am happy for your love, though!

Everybody's doing the 8-bit thing now. I don't know Digitalism, so no. It's really bugging me now.

The Heartbreaks are too poppy for me too really, but it's taken firm residence in my head. It is a good pop song though and something for my happy songs playlist (which has all of 10 songs in it from a lifetime of music, so well done them).

I see The Cardigans accusation, but I don't dislike them so that's okay with me (not that I listen to them very often, and not Love Fool).

Well, I'm not adverse to some Slayer and it's like shoegraze thrash, plus there are no guitar solos so its all good.

I've been wanting to hear some new music lately, but unfortunately, since my video card is all shot to pieces, I'd better not risk clicking any of the above. So you're on Spotify, are you? Interesting...I've reinstalled it last week but I can't see what the advantage is over, say, iTunes...except that it automatically updates my Facebook status (and I'm not sure that I even count that as an advantage, exactly). But I'll see if I can find these suggestions of yours, 'cause now I'm curious.

Funny, I have been having crash problems with video too, though mostly with the BBC iPlayer.

Maybe it doesn't do anything iTunes can't, but as I want nothing to do with Apple (and/or Facebook) controlling my data , it suits me fine. It has a lot of frustrating gaps though, I assume certain labels/bands haven't signed up, but I think this is the way things will go.

If you fancy anything particular, I can send you an MP3.

Savages: I've found 7 songs on Spotify (haven't checked iTunes yet) - I like it!
Breton: totally up my street - I love it!

Apple control your data? As a former Apple employee, I'm absolutely certain Apple does no such thing. I'm far more wary of Spotify, as it automatically detects and then links to one's Facebook-account (if one has one) on installation, and we all know how unethical in their business approach Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk are.

I think only two of those (Flying to Berlin and Husbands) belong to this particular band.

I am not saying Apple do control data (not in the way Facebook cerainly does, and a reason I don't have a Facebook account), it's that they have the potential through iTunes to know more about the contents of my folders than I wish them to. Spotify must know what I like, but I control what I let it know. Plus the only time I used an iPod (to help a friend load some music on it), I found the process of doing so very unwieldy in comparision to a normal mp3 player which functions like a hard drive - why do I have to use software I don't want to use it? I have nothing against Apple personally and their products are beautiful, I just don't like the way they ring fence their products as to be incompatible with everything else forcing me to work the way they want. I feel very forced into buying their products, for example you can't seem to get an alarm clock with a mp3 player dock not an iPod one, and that jusy makes more stubborn.

I actually dodged iTunes by using another bit of software to circumvent it and I felt it was a little victory against all those Apple-devotee types who wind me up with their smugness, when all they are doing is selling their soul to one corporate model.

Plus the only time I used an iPod (to help a friend load some music on it), I found the process of doing so very unwieldy in comparision to a normal mp3 player which functions like a hard drive

Ah yes - when my Creative packed up last year while I was still working at Apple, I thought I'd do myself a favour and use my employee discount to get an iPod Classic (160GB), and that's how I came to use iTunes. But I have to agree with you, my Creative was far easier to work with. A major gripe of mine, e.g. is that I can't transfer files from my iPod to my iTunes, or onto other devices.

I endorse Band of Skulls. \o/

I shall endeavour to give them more of a listen.

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