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It was worth going to work today!

We are moving offices (moving to the building next door so our building can be refurbished).

I got given, pinched, rescued, all these:

Colourful folders
A Notebook
Useful bits of cardboard
3D Puzzles (for the good box)
2 picture frames
Some old and possibly useful software
Spare DVD and CD cases
A strange old trophy (for the good box)
A new telephone
A copy of the Magna Carta (of course)

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What are all these shiny things?? Did you find them or get to claim them or something??? I think you may be missing a sentence here... But then, I'm always excited by 3D puzzles.

Oops, yeah. I was too distracted by the Punk Britannia programme. Joy Division got me excited.

These are all the things I got to bring home. I'm sure there are more I've forgotten too.

Oooh... I still haven't seen the second one, because it wasn't working on iPlayer - will have to catch up over the weekend. If only for the Joy Division...?

And that is very exciting, definitely! What will you do with your folders?

I'd like a download, the whole series was good. Joy Division are always an attraction!

I'm going to put things (probably fic) in them and make my shelves to pretty.

You could try capturing it off iPlayer with one of those iPlayer capturing programs? It's a bit dodgy, I know, but I can't help but feel like it's just like taping for the modern age, especially since it's not likely they'll put it on DVD ever.

Pretty shelves are terribly important. *nods*

I've not managed to achieve success doing that, though I have recently figured out taping internet radio, so who knows?

A copy of the Magna Carta (of course)

Every home should have one...

That's what I thought. My company is old and full of strange things.

A copy of the Magna Carta?

I couldn't let them put it in the bin!

No arguement - but it seemed almost like a non-sequitor.

That's what amused me most about it. :D

One always needs a copy of the Magna Carta...

One never knows when one might need to quote law from 1215.

I never go anywhere without my copy of the Magna Carta .....o_o

I don't know how I ever managed before!

Glad to hear it... Bits of the enactment of Magna Carta in 1297 are still enacted. So handy.

(I'm disappointed, actually, I thought bits from 1215 were still valid, but they aren't apparently included. Or else my respected colleagues who run legislation.gov.uk have slipped up. Sigh.)

Deeply impressed with all your loot, in fact. Well scavenged.

I could hardly dump our history in the bin, now could I? I'm not sure why we had it, but still.

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