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BTVS - Spike (Anarchy)


So the Jubilee spirit finally managed to infect me and effort was actually made to go and see the damp spectacle of the wicker man beacon being lit. As you can imagine, the flames were just visible through the copious amounts of smoke.

One person in the crowd (not me) actually decided to have a go at singing the national anthem. Shame he didn't know any of the words or couldn't lay off the sarcasm.

Anyway, the fireworks were enjoyable despite the freezing cold and suitably red, white and blue (except when they weren't - there must have been a shortage) and were accompanied by a delightful car alarm chorus. There were even little parachutes that came down, though I have no idea what they contained.

Ah, happy days.

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All right, I'll probably sound like a complete moron, but... what is the Jubilee? Is it about the Queen?

Yes, it's about the Queen reigning for 60 years. We get two days off to watch all the events. I spent my day cleaning the flat because I'm cynical.

Lol, good for her XD. But not very festive of you ;).

So are you guys going to be celebrating for, like the whole year? That's how the official website makes it sound ;).

Feels like it already. I think it's really the influence of having the Olympics as well.

I can only imagine. Well, I hope some celebrations will still be there in autumn, it would be a crying shame if I missed everything (I'm going to Britain for 6 months, starting in October).

The rest of Poland is here, you'll feel right at home!

You probably will miss it. It's meant to just be the 'summer'. There will still be Bonfire Night though.

The rest of Poland is here, you'll feel right at home!

LOL, touche! However, I'm going to Wales, not to London, so I might end up hearing random Polish people on the streets every other day instead of every day ;).

It's not necessariy a problem, it's our fault we didn't train any plumbers.

I'm not terribly big on the monarchy, but I can't help but like the old girl. It's a common affliction of us American anglophiles. I rather wish I was there to wave a Union flag amongst the crowd! Of course Queen or not I always wish I was there. :D

I'm... divided. While it isn't very modern of us, we aren't very modern like that. Monachy is too ingrained in our identity if we like it or not. Anyway, we tried getting rid of them and ended up with Cromwell, so at least we gave the republic a go before we decided we didn't like it. I'm actually very suprised at the lack of dissent. Apathy we have plenty of, but outright opposition seems conspicious in its lack of strength.

I don't mind the Royals, I just wish I didn't have to hear about each and every one of Kate's dresses. I'll end up loathing her more than Diana at this rate.

Yikes, just about anything's better than stick in the mud Cromwell! Sadly a lot of those rejected Puritans ended up on this side of the pond and are still trying to push their agenda on the masses. :P

Perhaps the parachutes had bags of toffee attached? That would have been god - and chocolate would have been even better.

We did have beacons last night - it was late enough not to interfere with the TT...

But the nearest one to me was on top of a church tower - the prospect of a good bonfire up there, possibly setting the whole structure ablaze, was cool; but then I realised it was just a burning basket on a stick, so I didn't bother!

We're doing fireworks some night - probably Friday as that is the TT Bank Holiday.

Stealth toffee bombing? Eep. Chocolate would just melt, but toffee rain would be like napalm!

Good to hear nothing interupted important business.

I heard they were doing chuch beacons, but assumed they meant torches or something. I wonder how many churches burned down?

I cycled past a party they were having in the nearby internet bistro (/place wot is trying and almost succeeding to be the best hipster hangout in town)? Otherwise I've just been enjoying that the roads are empty in the mornings. It's always nice on bank holidays, because you don't have to duel with buses for space!

Okay, that's on party accounted for, where are all the rest?

I have it on good authority (somone overheard at the fireworks!) that Watford hasn't even got bunting in the town centre.

I have to say today feels like a normal day, but that might be because I haven't left the house...

:( Sadface, I pressed the wrong button. See below (obviously).

Never mind, it the thought (comment?) that counts.

I've been assuming they're all in Surrey. It's that sort of place they'll have 'em; I can imagine my aunt getting invovled in hassling everyone to come...

I'm not sure we have bunting either, to be honest. Maybe down the main shopping street; I can't really remember. It certainly doesn't feel that much different from a weekend when you're going through town. A rainy weekend, in fact...

Oh yes, Surrey is the place for patriotism and the W.I.! (My gandmother was quite involved with them, it seemed like quite good fun, except for the phenomenal amounts of baking she did for them).

All the pubs here are decked out, but not much else. I haven't been into the centre of town though.

I find watching my cousins grow up there to be quite amusing, in a slightly strange way... It's all the competitive parenting. Neither my aunt or my uncle are Southerners, but I think they've naturalised into 'Southern-type business' much more than my parents, just because of the pressure. At one point a few years ago my cousins suddenly started sending us thank you notes for Christmas presents - after we'd opened them in each other's company and said thank you in person. I can't make any sense of it.

Pubs and charity shops, it seems to me. And on telly - The Apprentice: You're Hired had a load of bunting on the set.

Yeah, that makes no sense. Terribly polite though.

There was even a flag on Springwatch

Waste of a stamp was my impression... :P

You'd think they'd show one or two anti-monarchy programmes just for the balance, wouldn't you? Though that's probably what the punk season is about...

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