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BTVS - Spike (Anarchy)

So there's a party going on... just not round here

Is there actually a Jubilee on? Because, despite the media saturation and amount of bunting for sale in the shops, I have not seen one shred of evidence that any parties were going on during my travels today and yesterday.

In fact the only evidence that anything is going on at all is the rather damp 'beacon' they are building in the park for tomorrow.

I wonder if it will burn?

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We are in the middle of TT - so we've put the jubilee on hold until next month... Nothing outranks the TT!

But we are involved in the beacon thing, I'm sure - and I guess we'll light that tomorrow... I wonder where it is? Must go and see if I can find out on line, now that you've mentioned it. Or maybe we are going to leave ours until July; who knows?

Well TT is vital to the island I imagine, aa Queen in faraway London is just a distraction.

Heh, apparently here in midwestern American town we had a full day of English breakfast, music, party in the street etc. We have this very popular store called "Brits" which sells British products and we have an English fish and chip shop--they both hosted the fete.

Yet, North West Hertordshire is a celebration desert. Huh.

We visited an old family friend about an hour away. There was quite a lot of bedraggled bunting and soggy banners to be seen. Not so many street parties, though.

The only bunting I've seen has been on pubs.

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