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I'm sitting here contemplating whether to go to A&E as I've sliced my finger open with some scissors trying to cut some gaffa tape.

I think it's a bit too minor to bother them and I'd have to drive myself one-handed, but it's bleeding just enough when I take the pressure off to make me worry that I might need a stitch or two.

To be honest though, I'd rather just go to bed.

ETA: Bleeding stopped. Bed wins.

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Oh no. Well, maybe to prevent infection you ought to go?

I put a plaster on it.

I don't really want to wait hours to be seen.

I'm the kind that the finger would have to be hanging by one strip of skin before I'd go to the ER. LOL

However, I'm glad the bleeding stopped on it's own. :-)

Love you tag line.

It not quite that bad, more of a deep slice.

Wait 45 minutes if the bleeding hasn't slowed, don't take chances go.

Fingers crossed everything works out OK.

I seemed to have lived through the night.

If in doubt, phone NHS Direct! This is my new plan. And it actually worked when I was concussed and confused - someone else got to make the decisions...

Otherwise, ow!! Hope it's sealed up at least by this morning. Be careful!

I'm alive!

I looked at their website and the answer seemed to be 'sort it out yourself' so followed their advice to elevate the wound and that seemed to work


Well, that's probably all they would've done in the hospital, even if they had slightly more impressive dressings. IIRC they only gave me steristrips when I fell on a piece of flint at the age of eleven, carving an inch-long gash into my hand... But then maybe that's Watford General for you!

Apart from operations, I've only been stitched once, when I cut my arm on a broken window when was five. That wasn't Watford General though, that was a little place behind the Town Hall by the college.

I'm glad you didn't have to go to A&E. It's never fun.

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