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BTVS - Buffy-Spike (Bleeds)

Graphic Novel: Black Widow

I am kicking off seasonal-spuffy this round.

And what have I done? I've only gone and completed the Black Widow Graphic Novel I might have mentioned once!

Click through this picture then click through again)

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Congratulations and Ooh! Pretty!

I'm in awe! Who knew one could be so creative with Barbies? Very, very well done - you've chosen the perfect story for it, too.

Perfect because it's not too long!

The stuff you can get for Barbies these days, you can almost do anything!

But it's not just that, is it, it's the photography and the stage direction and the finding of props and then the layout and the upload and everything...Man, as will.i.am would say, that's dope! You're dope! You are ;-)

Some of the photography anyway. My early pictures (the scenes up to the nightclub) were so much better than the last ones because of the light I was able to get from the fairy lights. The money is on the screen.

I would have prefered the upload on my own webspace, but there wasn't the room.


So far it's fricking awesome!

This is just incredible. I am in awe.

Thanks, it was a bit of a large project, it's great to know people enjoyed it.

Ooh, boy! That was amazing. It must have been so much work.

Wow! Has it really been six years since you wrote this? How time flies when you aren't necessarily having fun!

I love the graphic novel version. You must have spent hours, but they were hours well spent!

Good to see you here!

Yep, six years! Six since I wrote anything of length too.

I cannot guess how long the graphic novel took, many, many hours. Yet, much easier than writing.

Using the photos is storytelling in a non-verbal way. You have to ste-up and choose the graphic that will say those things that you don't use words for. Maybe that's why it comes easier for you. You may simply find it easier to show than to find words for it.

It is, its easier because I struggle with plot so much. Words are easier even than that!

All I have to do here is make sure the expressions etc fit.

Have you ever tried setting up your layouts first and then writing the story?

What do you mean. writing-wise or Barbie Graphic novel-wise?

Writing-wise. Do the Barbie Graphic set-up, and then write the story,whether as a graphic novel or full-on novel.

Ah. You should know by now, planning isn't my thing! (I wish it was). I still don't know what the story is about.

I was looking in my works in progress folder earlier. There are so many stories I like in their there that have flizzled out for the plot reason.

That's what I like most about my zentangle-inspired artwork. For the last round of the journal swap I'm in, I wrote flash stories about my drawings. But I did the drawing first and then figured out the story. I don't know how far it would get me if I tried to expand, but it's a lot more fun doing it that way, lol.

I think there is something to be said about being in a creative headspace. My writing one seems to have whithered away, though I did write about 300 words today.

I must go to bed now - it's good to see you around!

Hi! I just wanted to say I think your Black Widow comic (sorry, graphic novel) is UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I first read it years ago when I was not on LJ yet, and I happened to reread it today. Just like the first time around I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I was once again totally in awe of your creativity. Thank you for making it!

Thank you! It really was a lot of effort.

I hope the missing Part 3 didn't spoil your enjoyment too much (it was taken down by Box for some reason and I can't figure out how else to host it as it's too big for my website).

Thank you! It really was a lot of effort.

I can see that! But I bet it was also a lot of fun to make.

I hope the missing Part 3 didn't spoil your enjoyment too much (it was taken down by Box for some reason and I can't figure out how else to host it as it's too big for my website).

Oh, but I didn't miss Part 3 because I had downloaded it to my computer and reread it offline. Do you have something like Dropbox by any chance? Then you could put it in there and simply post a link.
ETA: of course it's possible you'll run into the same problem with this as with your previous solution...

Edited at 2015-05-30 11:09 am (UTC)

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