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A question for you all

If I had say, several large PDF documents I needed hosting on the interwebs, where could I put them up so people could see/download them?

Ideally, I would use my own webspace, but there is not enough room and I don't think Virgin will extend my allowance (this has been a problem for some time and may force me to pay for webspace eventually).


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You know, what I meant to mention but completely forgot was box.com, which I've been using for my various file hosting things. I don't know what size your PDFs are, but the free account lets you have up to 5GB uploaded and I don't think you're limited in how much you upload at once.

I have my Spikeid ebook hosted there, and you can see that it does do a preview version. It's not perfect to just give people the link and expect them to be able to read it pleasantly, but you can use the button in the lower right-hand corner of the preview window to go full screen, adjust the zoom to fit the page to the screen and then click the up/down buttons to browse by page. You can embed the preview box as well (IIRC with that sort of thing, you have to add <site-embed></site-embed> tags around the code on DW and <lj-embed></lj-embed> tags on LJ, but I've managed to do my WCUK powerpoint as an embedded preview box too.

ETA: *bothers to look up file sizes* Just to say that you would be fine with sizes - you won't be hitting anywhere near the amount of music I've uploaded at once on there.

Edited at 2012-04-13 07:51 pm (UTC)

Hmm, it could work! The whole thing in one doc is 43mb! I'm not sure how much it splits down into, but that puts off a lot of the free sites I've seen. I like that it has a preview feature.

I have been toying with moving the whole website (as it is an issue anyway - space is why I no longer have my LJ icon pages there). I like having everything under my control (and a domain name!) and I found a site offering unlimited hosting and a domain for £1.95 a month, which seems an awfully good snip! I'm trying to work out what the catch is though.

Box should do in the short term while I work up the nerve to move everything, thanks!

How odd - the version I have is apparently less than 12 MB; have you been making it mega posh? You should be OK if it's broken up, I'd have thought. The preview feature is fun, especially, I think, for people like me who are download averse - you can really hook people in.

That domain sounds good! At £24 a year it isn't really so cheap, is it? I don't imagine there's much market for personal webpages these days, and data storage seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper (or at least more possible for webmail providers etc.), so it sounds quite sensible. Just make sure it doesn't to a Geocities and demand you put up ads!

No problemo, I naturally got turned onto the site by stultiloquentia, so I didn't even go looking for it.

No mega poshing, though I have added a first page as per recommendation. :)

It may have something to do with me re-doing the title page in Indesign and then patching them into the PDF in Acrobat(because Powerpoint can't seem to cope with exporting the large title font) - I wouldn't have thought 4 pages would have made that much difference though.

Yeah, when you put it at £24 it doesn't seem so good. But it is unlimited. It's a shame about Geocities as would have served this purpose fine - I even had a free account somewhere (not Geocities though). £24 is hardly a bank-breaker though. Tbh I am more worried about the work it would entail to move everything.

Yeah, you wouldn't have thought four pages would do it. (Though clearly they are very necessary and important. :D ) Presumably it's something about Acrobat's way of saving the file? Would it maybe save the PDF so that it could be broken down again, rather than just printing it flat like Powerpoint or another exporting program?

It's funny, isn't it, on the price... It's still not a bad deal, though, especially if you get the domain name and don't have to worry about expanding. That's what, one Sainsbury's cheapo sandwich a month? You can probably live with that.

Or to put it in Boggy terms, one nonsense purchase from Ebay.

I have no idea what Acrobat does, I'll have to see what it can do next week. I wish I'd learned Indesign earlier, then this might have been easier, but I'm not re-doing to all again. Just playing with the colouring is taking an age.


I have absolutely no knowledge of Indesign, but I encourage all play with colouring! :D It does strike me as one of those projects where you work out exactly how to do it just as you're finishing it...

It is one of my mega projects that take years. I started this, what about three years ago?

I'm dealing with all that orange. It might be a bit dark now, but it is supposed to be night time.

I haven't forgotten your thing, I've done a bit of it, I just need to get on with this as I'm posting in a week.

But they're always the best, in the end! You'll look back in five years time and be dead proud. And the collective we will all (I hope and expect, because you aren't trying epic poetry and aren't posting a WIP) go ooooooooooh.

Personally, I don't think darkness is a problem; I imagine the only risk is that people seeing it for the first time won't have seen the orange, and what you don't is for them to think 'why is this so dark?'... But I doubt you've gone that far.

Don't worry about it - I'm trying to push forward anyway (not doing too well, but the weekend is here at last!). I think the only thing I'm anxious to know is did you enjoy it, generally??? Or even just the bits you've read???

Good luck for the week!! I'm going to be in Manchester and essentially internetless all weekend (though I can see how things are going on my phone), but I'll be there like a shot on Sunday night/Monday.

Let's hope!

Hopefully I will let you see it again early next week.

I am enjoying it. B has just just met K again. If I have one thought, it is that you are in Buffy's head a huge amount and it sometimes confuses what's going on.

That's next weekend, yeah? ::is thinking about the prompts::

I am enjoying it.

Hooray! And I can imagine what you mean about Buffy's head... I'll try to keep an eye on clarity going forward.

And, oh yes, prompts. But we have them, don't we? Almost?

The file size limit is a bit confusing, but may not be a problem if it's broken up.

I would think any of the file sharing places would work but make sure you keep the original on your harddrive. I know people who lost documents when megaupload was closed down with no warning and the US government is gunning for others.

Well, I'm not that naive! It amazes me people didn't keep copies, especially of really important work etc. Companies go bust even if they don't get taken down by ham-fisted governments.

Box seems a good bet for now.

It looks like the favourite.

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(Deleted comment)
Now that is very interesting. I'm not sure it's the solution I want to this problem (though it would work), but I could definitely do with something like that for other purposes. Thanks!

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