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Please, no more!

I'm really fed up with hearing about the sodding Titanic.

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Ditto!! I never saw the movie and could not care less about the hype.

I never will see the movie either.

Lord, yes.

Can you imagine how bad it is in the heritage industry? We're torn between hiding under the desk till it passes, and trying to come up with the crappest Titanic link ever.

(My contribution: my grandad was born the night it sank. He married a woman, my granny, who was born on the night the First World War broke out. Eeerie, innit?)

I think the desk sounds good. It all seems very ghoulish to me, and this is me saying that.

(I have no contributions)


What? You knew SOMEBODY was gonna do it, haha! I read Kate Winslet loathes that song. :)

Um, no?

As I don't know the lyrics though, it actually took me a moment there. I live in blissful ignorance. :)

I've been to the pub, but, as always, I AM WITH YOU, BOGGLES!!!

The film was shit. All this tie in shit is shit. I am ignoring everything that pops up on the BBC website until it goes away.

I was watching The Mummy this afternoon, and was a little bit annoyed that instead of just revelling in the banterously fantastic docks scene, I was also forced to think about how shit the docks scene is in Titanic by comparison.

Rick/Evie 4eva baybee; Jack and Rose should just drown and fuck off with their weird 'oh, plz, draw me naked with this ugly jewellery' sex games. So there.

I have never seen the film, so I am free to not understand any of that!I did enjoy The Mummy though, mostly because I really wish I looked like Rachel Weisz.

(see what I am reduced to in order to think of ANYTHING worth posting?)

Happily, I've managed to miss any commercials there may have been for it for it and any news stories centered on it. I didn't watch it the first time around, and I never will.

Being stuck at my parents for the weekend as they continuously watched rubbish on the History Channel (which has no history on it anymore...) really did my head in for it.

Don't you wish the bloody thing had sank on its second voyage instead? Surely there would have been so much less hype...

I wish something alright.

Me too. OK, it was a century ago. So nobody left alive who was there.

Breaking news: it's still at the bottom of the Atlantic. Big Deal

Ah, but now you can see it as never before! Again!

My grandmother was born in 1913 and apparently when she was growing up, kept hearing about the "brave Christian men" who went down with the Titanic and every time there was a funeral, "Nearer My God to Thee" was played. She grew up despising the hymn, so much so that she left specific instructions that it was under no circumstances to be played at her funeral or she'd come back and haunt us.

She apparently gave my mom an earful about all the hype surrounding the movie's initial release and how she'd be happy if she never had hear the word "Titanic" again. If she was still with us, I know she'd have a tart thing or two to say now.

The only Titanic-related thing I've been enjoying is I have Gaelic Storm's "Titanic Set" in rotation on my iTunes. They're the group playing in third class and I like their music in general, so, hey.

That's one thing more you're been enjoying than me.

I know posting about it just adds to it all, but like your grandmother, I just had to vent a bit.

LOL!! I still can't believe there are people who thought it was just a film ......!!

Really? No, I am not really surprising. ::despairs::

Watching Breakfast this morning, I thought exactly the same thing.

How much longer do we have to put up with this?

Me too! I'm so glad someone finally said it.

Now, if someone could just tell the BBC...

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