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The Olympic Torch

So the Olympic torch will be passing the end of my street, on a Sunday, at a reasonable hour in July. I really don't have much of an excuse to not bother with the momentous event then, do I? Seeing that's it's made such an effort to get to me.

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I think it might be going past the end of our road too - although when I put our post code into the route checker thing it told me it didn't know what I was talking about and to check I existed...

But I rather think I'll have no excuse not to go and look, too!

It's not that I'll ever get another chance. But it's not really all that exciting, is it?

That's my feeling, too. And yet it would be silly, I suppose, to not go and see what all the fuss is about when it hardly requires much more than lifting my backside out of my chair.

And I could do with the exercise.

It's going to be about five minute's walk from me. Dunno if I will be bothered to go, though.

I just can't manage to be interested. To quote a beloved character, I'm paralysed with not caring very much.

Exactly, but it's so close I feel I ought to make the effort.

With any luck the torch bearer will be the chap at work that got nominated by the company to carry it for us (as we were the principal contractor for the construction of the Olympic stadium), so at least they will be someone I know to cheer on.

True, lol. It's going to be RIGHT THERE.

If there wasn't a hedge in the way, I could see it from my window! Damn hedge.

In light of the circumstances, I believe it is appropriate for you to grace the event with your presence. :D

Yeah, it wouldn't be much of an event without me.

Go do it. I've actually seen the torch a couple of times and it was fun. I wouldn't do a huge effort, but that close? Go.

I missed the big explosion in town, so maybe I should make the effort to see the next most exciting thing.

I haven't even checked if/when it's coming near me...

Well, it is worth knowing, even if you just want to avoid all the commotion.

Hmm... Looks like there's an 'evening celebration' I could go to on one of the main greens in town and it's passing down a road not so far away, but nothing spectacular. (Well, depending on how much fuss there is in the evening. I'm mostly imagining crowds.) It bypasses my parents completely!

They are showing the opening ceremony in the park, I may going to that it the weather is ok.

I'm not imagining anything that impressive, but if it's this close.

The opening ceremony might be fun. And if all that stands between you and the torch is a hedge, then you might as well look out for it!

I've just looked and the torch isn't coming within several miles of my street, and I don't know any of the torch bearers, and it's at 10.00 on a Monday morning so I'll be in work. Enough excuses?

But you go and cheer it on as it's only a hedge width away. :)

I've thought about claiming lazyitis, but I really should appreciate history being made outside my doorstep.

Passing the end of my street too. 3pm on a Monday. Which, in commuterland means no one will be there (unless they ship the kids out the primary schools, which I wd think is likely). Passes work the next day, when I'm in central London instead. Comes to central London just as I stop having to go in there.

Me and this torch, we're just not meant to be. *wipes perfect tear*

Shame. Still there's the chaos of the actual event to look forward to, eh?

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