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Adventures in PVC

Thank you to all those who sent me a Valentine's heart!

The Bogwitch House of Couture has been hard at work again! My stitching has improved but not a lot.

Anyway, I threatened quinara with photos.

First attempt, black ultra mini-skirt (I didn't make the rest of the outfits):


White skirt:


Red skirt:


Red skirt with stripe:


White skirt with red stripe:


Red dress with belt:


White dress (she might not want to bend over any time):


And tonight's achievement, silver trousers!


I'm not sure what all this is for exactly, but it fills the long evenings.


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Wow! Barbie clothes are very, very hard to make. Did you do these on a machine or did you hand sew them? If you used a machine do you use a special foot to make all the small stitches?

Hand sewn. I am seriously incompetent on a sewing machine. I'm seriously incompetent hand sewing too, but PVC turns out to be quite forgiving!

I had a pattern for the dress, the rest is just guesswork. I'm mightily impressed trousers worked, although they don't lie quite right at the top.

Wow. Faith!Barbie with bleach+Sweet'nLow.


I was going to ooooh over the red dress, but then I got to the trousers!! They're amazing; I want them in human size...

Otherwise, not sure what Barbie's mum would make of some of these outfits, but they look excellent!

You don't want the trousers, trust me, the belt area is all lumpy, but considering how I thought they'd turn out, the are a triumph!

Barbie's mum wouldn't let her out looking like that. Luckily, she doesn't have a mum.

B..b..but she has a tummy button, so she must have a mother.

I do like the trousers. I did a whole heap of Barbie sewing at one stage - it really isn't easy.

Not that I am an expert, but I have seen Barbie grand-parents dolls, just no mums.

Light. stretchy fabric is the key! The jeans I made the pattern from weren't your average Barbie ones either, they belong to collectors dolls, so they already had a good cut.

Well, they photograph well - and that's clearly all that counts.

Luckily, she doesn't have a mum.

The poor thing!

Especially when I resize the pics! My terrible stitching is visible on the red with white stripe skirt still though.

Barbie is ready for Ibiza!!

She'll have something to wear every night!

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