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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Hee. I bet there aren’t many girls that get a Stanley knife and a book about fonts for their birthday! (It is a good, funny, book though (‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield. Check it - as the youngsters say) and I will use the knife eventually for some project or other). Anyway later I shall be off to Wagamamas for some top grub.

Speaking of projects, the end of last week was mega-productive creatively (see my post later for the gob-smacking details and some grovelling). Not only have I managed to pull my writing fingers out at last, I even managed to make some Barbie clothes. (What? Me sewing? Surely not! Though calling what I did ‘sewing’ is vastly over-stating what actually happened, please don’t look too closely at the ‘stitching’, which my dad lovingly compared to field surgery).

Anyway, I made a laced corset thing which I am considering a first draft at the moment as it needs some refining, an unremarkable black tube skirt/little black dress combo and an evening gown that I am amazed doesn’t look too shabby!


Lucy is papped arriving at the BAFTAs to acknowledge her nod for Best Supporting Actress. She looks elegant in a flattering and wearable mauve silk Bogwitch dress. The outfit is completed with a matching bespoke clutch bag.

You’d never guess it was made from an old bra.


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I sew, looks good to me, very inventive reusing

Ah that's because the photo mostly shows the orginal stitching from the bra!

I hope you had a good birthday too!

yes, thank you, one of the most civilized ever, out with ladies only very good meal

Happy birthday!


And thanks!

Edited at 2012-01-23 11:19 pm (UTC)

You’d never guess it was made from an old bra.

Snorfle. Very stylish it does look, though. All the Barbies are going to be flocking to the design house of Bogwitch!

It's a quite forgiving material, thank goodness.

That dress looks better than more than half the dresses I see on celebrities at any number of events. :-)

Well, they wear any old sack.

Happy Birthday!

As someone who cannot sew that looks very impressive. I don't think any Barbie would look that smart in one of my old bras!

Enjoy Wagamama :)

Really it's just pulled round her and stiched in. Luckily, the fabric hides a lot of sins. The one seam you can see well, isn't mine.

*runs in!*</p>

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Throws confetti and hands you a cupcake!!*

Thank you! ::Mmm, cupcake!::

I am most pleased with it!


I think your bra-dress looks super fine! I like the color, too. Glad you got Bogs-approved gifts for your b-day. ♥


It was a nice bra, it's a damn shame my tits got too big for it.

I got excellent presents!

Happy Birthday!

Barbie is stylin'. :-)

Thanks! I think she would please the fashionistas.

Happy Birthday! (I have taken 2 ibuprofen since my comment in S2C's journal and feel quite human now.)

I applaud the re-use of bras in fashion design - I once used a piece of a basque to make something for a school costume for the daughter - sadly I don't have photos anywhere I can find!

Thanks. Glad to hear its passed. I always like to think of headaches as the onset of my psi powers, it makes me feel a lot better about them!

I'm not sure I want to know why you had a basque lying around!

Same with the nice purple bra.

How's the book? Someone recommended it to me just this past week. (I have a great fondness for fonts.)

I am addicted to fonts. Obviously I haven't read it all of it yet, but it is a very interesting and witty read, I am enjoying it very much.

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