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New Car!

Finally managed to take a picture in the daylight:


She's lovely and she's fast. :)

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And she has a boot big enough to get a body in. Should I need to.

And glittery! It's metallic black.

And she's not actually very clean!

It's a Volkswagen Bora 1.8T ST. I have a thing for VWs.

Congrats! My friend has the same car and she loves it. Enjoy :)

She clearly has excellent taste!

Beautiful! congrats!

Thanks! Shame about all the extra pennies...

So, so much nicer than that horrible MG my mum landed me with!

She's defintely a smart lady.

She's lovely and she's fast. :)

She certainly is\looks it!

The speed is probably a bit wasted on me, but I still love it to bits.

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