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secret of kells

My Little Pony or Porn Star

Here's a nice little quiz to help while away those long winter nights: My Little Pony or Porn Star?

I scored 32...

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I got 25. I think I might be relieved about that.

I can't decide which are the worst to know... guess, I meant guess.

Edited at 2012-01-05 06:23 pm (UTC)

I don't dare take this unless I do terribly... Which is always bad, no matter what the quiz is about!!

You can guess a lot of them.

But what if my guesses are wrong? Catastrophe!

Then you are a failure and nothing else you ever do will mask that shame.

Better to never try at all, methinks.

But on the other hand, you are then a big scaredy. No pressure.

I fear not critical censure.

But isn't that what you feared by failing the quiz?

Maybe... But I can't judge myself, can I? Apart from for being scared. Which I don't!

Eek. that means I'm leading.

I laughed! I scored 35. I remember someone linking to My Little Pony wank back in the day. I suppose there is probably porn wank elsewhere on the internet, too. I said PORN and WANK. Ba-dum-ching!

Phew, I'm just glad someone beat me! Sad to I only actually knew 2 and they were both porn stars.

Porn people must be too busy wanking to wank, surely?

I knew Belladonna and Penny Flame and that is it. Penny Flame I know from Celebrity Sex Rehab w/Dr. Drew. HAHAHAHAHA. She sort of reminds me of Willow.

I wouldn't really say I beat you. I think we're on the same level. Something to be proud of, I'm sure!

A true fan is never too busy to stir up drama-rama of some kind or another.

I knew Savannah and Celeste Star from er... porn. :/

I did guess a lot of ponies though! And although I didn't actually know it, Fluttershy was obviously a pony as there's a horse called Shutterfly.

I think we all manage our fair share.

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