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Well, thus far the year has proved to be exciting and (very expensive)!

My poor old car has been confirmed as being in it's death throes and therefore I have had to purchase a new one. Yesterday I found a lovely black VW Bora and today it's mine! £1,500 over my budget, but never mind - finally I will have a car I want! I might even clean this one. I get it Friday.

Oh, and the Council fixed that hole in my roof by the way.

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Boo on expensive, yay on car!! And roof! So the elusive Bora was found, then, and in Boggle colour too? Do tell more.

It was only found because I was browsing the slightly more expensive cars!

It's this one: http://car.cast.co.uk/Search/Volkswagen/Bora/1.8T_ST_4dr/3139717

A very Boggy colour.

Shiny!! You could come round Cambridge and put all the boy racers in souped-up Micras to shame...

You never know! I think I could have a Micra, even a souped up one.

They're very loud and angry. Until they get taken out by the one way system and the speed bumps. ;)

Oh I can handle speed bumps now! No more stiff sports suspension that shakes your teeth out.

Bummer! But - new shiny thing!

Very shiny, the black has glittery bits in it!

Oh no! Bloody cars is right. Best of luck with your new one.

And they always seem to pack up before their finance is finished too.

congratulations on the new ride! Must post photo when you receive it, please?

Hmm - not sure if this should be 'Oh Bugger!' or a 'Yay!'

I think we'll go with the Yay! New Car! Shiny!

Also- hurrah for a dry home without the need for buckets!

At the moment it's a yay, but I haven't starting paying yet.

I'm hoping there's no other damage from the water in the attic.

Squee! New car! Exciting!

But Friday is an annoyingly long time away...

Wow! New car, and such a beauty, too! May you have many years of problemless driving ahead of you!

Thanks, but I'm not holding my breath!

Yay for new cars and fixed roofs. I had a Bora some years ago, and absolutely loved it. Hope you love yours too.

My dad had a Bora before his Tiguan and I coveted it very much at the time, though that one was grey and this is very nice glittery black. I've wanted another VW for a very long time since I got rid of my Polo.

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