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(no subject)

From nimuetucker

Plain old pumpkin!
You are a plain, simple, natural pumpkin. Like God
made ya!

What kind of pumpkin or jack-o-lantern are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, it is less effort.

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Well, it is less effort

True! :0D

And the they smell 'orrible.

Just back from the interview. Think I did crap.

Just back from the interview. Think I did crap.

Well, you can't always tell. Did you swear or hit anyone? Only that might be a bad sign! ;0)

Not being able to answer the questions and babbling is more like it. It should be irrelevant anyway, they already know me - if they want me, they'll have me.

Just stopping by to wave hi!

Re: :::waves hi::::

::Hi Back!::

That has to be the wierdest icon I've ever seen - made me laugh anyway!

It's my Spikey Pumpkin!
He's a little farmer ;)

Re: :::waves hi::::


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