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It never rains, but it pours... through the roof!

So I'm sitting here. Typing. Listening to the rain and the not-so soft plink of water dripping from the light fitting in the sitting room into a bowl I think will overflow when I go to bed. The cat is fascinated.

Between this and the fact I think my car is dying too, I think I'm going to need a bigger overdraft. And a second job.

Drat it all.

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Or a raise for acting as the superboss's PA?

Actually I am, but it's hardly new car whee! spectacular. ::sigh::

Time to put Tegan to work! I hear cat models make the BIG BUCKS. Not really. I have actually never heard any such thing.

Hope the rain lets up soon, Bogs! ♥

Oh if only! But she'd have to clean the perpetual smear of food off her whiskers first.

It's not looking likely alas.

Have you considered piracy?

Bugger! Hoping it's something minor - water can get through tiny holes!

Hopefully! I think it happened once before though (I was out and only found a mysterious damp splotch). The Council are coming to take a look today though.

Bugger! Get onto your insurance company right away!

Fortunately, as a Council leaseholder, I can just call them up and they send someone out. So hopefully sometime today someone will turn up (hopefully after I get things tidy...)

Have to say, water anywhere near electricity doesn't sound like a good thing. :(

My laptop had a very narrow escape!

I just received your lovely Christmas card! I lost all my addresses (as I seem to do on a bi-annual schedule) and yours wasn't on the envelope. My email these days is Could you send me your address?

I don't visit LJ much anymore. I couldn't remember my password and don't use the email that I had listed, so it took me a few tries before I got the password right.

Mostly I'm on blogger ( or Flickr ( or Twitter (molossus1) or Facebook (Sandra Strait). I got into the zentangle thing big time, and I'm doing watercolors and have written enough reviews, that I'm getting companies to send me the occasional journal or pen set for free. I love that!

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